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Character Ranks

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Character Ranks Empty Character Ranks

Post by Admin Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:09 am

Character Ranks Rcj6AUm

Character Ranks are reflection of their strength as an individual, to increase a characters rank, EXP must be accumulated by doing Quests, Expeditions and Events. There are currently seventh ranks; Novice, Apprentice, Initiate, Adept, Master, Elite, and Legendary.

We all must start somewhere, and for everyone it begins here. All characters start off as novices, and the amount of power they can wield is limited. Novice can handle weak monsters but strong monsters/ opponents are a struggle to them.

Rank Benefit
⇨ 3x First Tier Spells
⇨ +1 Skill Point

Once some experienced in gained players grow from Novices to Apprentices. They are still not especially strong or well versed in experience, but they know a little more than a novice. They can take out weak monsters a little more easily and with aid can handle strong monsters.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ 3x Spell slots
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Second Tier Spells
⇨ +2 Skill Points

An Initiate is one who has had a fair share of experience, and has grown to a significant level of strength. Initiates can kill weak monsters with little effort and are even able to handle strong monsters on their own.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Third Tier Spells
⇨ +1 Spell Slot
⇨ +2 Skill Points
⇨ Upgraded Spells can have up to one effect.

The Adept are those who have true claim to strength, capable of dealing immense damage and facing off against even Elite Monsters, albeit with some help.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Fourth Tier Spells
⇨ +1 Spell Slot
⇨ +3 Skill Points
⇨ Upgraded Spells can have up to one effect.

As reflective of its name, a Master is very strong and capable of great feats of strength. They can fend of several Elite monsters at a time.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Fifth Tier Spells
⇨ +2 Spell Slots
⇨ +4 Skill Points
⇨ Upgraded Spells can have up to two effects.

Elite Adventurers and Rogues are so strong that they can handle them most difficult of missions without aid. Able to take down Elite monsters, and have the means to face Legendary beasts.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ 5 Spells May Upgraded to Elite Tier Spells
⇨ +2 Spell Slot
⇨ +4 Skill Points
⇨ Spells above Fifth Tier can have up to two effects.

Those who has reached Legendary status are unstoppable beings, the strongest in all of the realm, capable of taking out Legendary Beasts and so much more.

Rank Up Benefits
⇨ 3 Spells May be Upgraded to Legendary Tier Spells
⇨ +3 Spell Slots
⇨ +4 Skills Points
⇨ Legendary Tier Spells can now have up to three effects.


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