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Race Spectrum
HUMANS ██████████████ 28
ELDRITCH ███████████████ 30
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ANTHROS ███████ 14
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Beaux & Augustus

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Beaux & Augustus Empty Beaux & Augustus

Post by Beaux Sun May 16, 2021 6:38 am


★ General★

Alias/Nicknames ★ Beaux
Race ★ Otherworlder
Sub-Species ★ Angel
Gender / Sexuality ★ Male // Gay
Age ★ 18
Alignment ★ Adventurer’s Guild
Faction ★ N/A

★ Personality ★

Passionate ★ Beaux cares for his interests deeply and has little fear of expressing his emotions. He can sometimes get emotional when displaying his passion.
Charming ★ His smile combined with his cheery and polite personality often causes people to become quite fond of him. This is much enjoyed, as Beaux likes meeting people and making friends.
Shy ★ Around strangers, Beaux tends to be rather quiet and soft-spoken. He gets embarrassed easily. Once he gets to know someone, he is more outgoing, talkative, and flamboyant.
Cautious ★ Due to nearly dying many times throughout his life, Beaux is very cautious. He has faint memories of being hurt by others both physically and emotionally.
Sweet ★ Beaux treats anyone with kindness and will go above and beyond for them. He throws out compliments and offers to help left and right.
Optimistic ★ He desperately tries to see the best in everyone, even if they have hurt him. Seeing life through rose-tinted glasses helps him evade extreme cynicism and make it through the day. Every cloud has a silver lining to him.
Excitable ★ Beaux gets excited about lots of things, even trivial ones. He shares in others’ excitement all the time.
Non-Confrontational ★ Beaux avoids conflict like it’s a plague. He struggles to bring up issues and establish boundaries with others. Fighting and anger give him anxiety, though he doesn’t know why.

★ History ★
Several months ago, Beaux woke up curled in a ball on the grassy floor of Hoptus Forest with no idea how he got there or how long he had been there. He knew his name and a few other things, but the rest of his mind was blank. Faint memories surfaced in his mind, mostly scenes captured like motion pictures that replayed in his mind. None of them lent information to the many questions he held. For several days he wandered the forest, succumbing to the fear, confusion, and panic of the situation.

After making his way to the Common Realm, he got a job at a small bakery in Engloria. Here, he hoped to learn as much as possible about the land and its people through interacting with the locals. Starting a life was all he could do with what he knew. Slowly he’s been gathering information, but none of it has helped him find out more about his own situation. One particularly awful interaction with an eldritch has led him to hide his wings out of caution. He’s heard talk of other angels, but is too nervous to seek them out at the moment.

★ Likes ★


★ Dislikes ★

Negative Emotions
Lost Memories
Strong Smells

★ Goal/Aspiration ★
Beaux wants to know where he came from and why he is here. He also wants to make a life for himself, even if it’s a simple one. The biggest personal goal he has is being happy.

★ Key Fear/Adversary ★
Beaux has an irrational and often debilitating fear of knives, needles, and death. Sometimes when he meets new people, he gets a flood of memories and emotions from his past that can have physical effects on him. These ‘memory attacks’ scare him.

★ Appearance ★

Height ★ 6’2”
Body Type ★ Slim, lacking muscle definition
Hair ★ Beaux has soft, silvery hair that falls over his right eye and frames his face.
Eyes ★ Icy blue
Skin Tone ★ Pale

★ Overall Appearance ★
Beaux is on the lean side, though he lacks muscle definition due to unuse. Two large white wings extend from his back. He can pull them against his body but they are always present. On his left leg, he has scarred skin from an old injury. Occasionally the scar tissue in the area will cause his leg to be very sore or seize up.




Alias/Nicknames ✷ Augustus, Augie, Bite
Race ✷ Eldritch
Sub-Species ✷ Demonata, Vampire
Gender / Sexuality ✷ Male // Unknown
Age ✷ Looks 20, but actual age unknown
Alignment ✷ Adventurer’s Guild
Faction ✷ N/A


Pretentious ✷ Augustus views many of the other races in Vyldermire as below him, as well as those less fortunate than he. They are but peasants and livestock to him, ants beneath his expensive boots.
Manipulative ✷ When it comes to getting things from other people, Augustus will use his looks or any other methods he can to manipulate and persuade people. Pity, gaslighting, love-bombing, anger - he’ll do whatever it takes. Nearly everyone is moldable to his whim, he just has to try harder with some more than others.
Self-Indulgent/Greedy ✷ Augustus is a greedy bastard, a glutton. He’ll take whatever he wants and will do anything to get it, he’ll eat to the point of bursting and still crave more flesh. Getting a fair share is never enough.
Patient ✷ Despite being greedy, Augustus will play the long con until he can finally achieve his goals. He could sit and wait for ten years if it meant an outcome in his favor.
Vain ✷ Augie takes dedicated care of his appearance and values it a lot. From his fancy clothing to his beautiful skin, every detail has to meet his standards.
Polite ✷ Though it may often be a cold, curt politeness, Augustus will mind his manners when he’s not indulging himself in a bloody snack. He is supposedly a noble after all.
Mysterious ✷ Augustus likes to keep people wondering. That’s what brings them closer to him, close enough to use to his benefit.

✷ History ✷
Beauxmont Augustus Valiera was born several hundred years ago to a pair of filthy rich vampires - at least, the real Augustus was. He grew up in a noble and pretentious society, fed only the finest blood and well-learned in the ways of the high class. When he was old enough, his father began involving him in the family business, sending him on trips to far away places to participate in the politics of doing business. On one such trip, the young vampire stayed out too late at a pub in the Outer Realm. When he’d finally had enough to drink, he summoned a carriage for hire to take him back to his suite at an inn. The carriage driver started towards the destination, but suddenly pulled into a dark alleyway. It was there that the life and body of the true Beauxmont Augustus was overtaken by the carriage driver, a demonata.

This demonata preys upon beings of any species for both food and trophy, but his favorites happened to be vampires. He’d grown bored ambushing people in the Outer Realm, and after eavesdropping on the young businessman, decided to steal that luxurious lifestyle for his own. Upon consuming Augustus’ life and entering his body, the demonata retained all memories, personality, and mannerisms of the vampire. Not only that, but undertaking the vampire’s life would place him in the heart of the vampire world - the perfect place to pick the best specimens from his favorite prey. However, this change was permanent, and he was now merged with Augustus, forever to walk life in the former vampire’s shoes.

Over the years, for every successful vampire hunt, the new Augustus would take their teeth and sew them into his body. His demonic blood would seize hold of the teeth and turn them into working mouths that ate and spoke. These mouths cover his body, mostly his legs and arms, and he uses them to feast on and terrify his prey. To cover the smell of blood and flesh that comes from the mouths, Augustus wears heavy perfumes and always carries a flower with him.

Augustus and Beaux are actually the same person from different worlds. They each are an example of an outcome through different paths and decisions, two sides of the same coin. When they meet, they feel an inexplicable connection to each other.

✷ Likes ✷

Trophies ✷ Augustus likes to hunt beings of all species. For those he can’t consume (Gaiyans), he will take their body parts as his trophies to add to his collection. Angel wings are his favorite decor.
Fine Clothing

✷ Dislikes ✷


✷ Goal/Aspiration ✷
Augustus wants to expand his collection of specimens and trophies as much as he can. Several months ago, he met and stalked an angel with beautiful white wings. While he didn’t capture the angel, Augie wants those wings for his collection and is seeking him out again.

✷ Key Fear/Adversary ✷
Being forced back to his life before that day in the Outer Realm  is Augustus’ worst worry. He’s come so far since then, he doesn’t want to lose his progress and his dream life.

✷ Appearance ✷

Height ✷ 6’2”
Body Type ✷ Slim
Hair ✷ Augustus has soft, silvery hair that is usually pinned back loosely with a ribbon
Eyes ✷ Icy blue. When he is overcome with bloodlust, his pupils disappear and his whole eye is completely blue.
Skin Tone ✷ Pale

✷ Overall Appearance ✷
In his day-to-day life, Augustus dresses very elegantly. Usually his long, white hair is pulled back with a ribbon tied into a bow. His eyes are a bright, almost glowing vivid cyan that some have described as eerie. When his demonata body is exposed, tendrils of dark red skin cover his body from his toes up to his waist and several areas on his arm and head. Over his arms and legs are many functioning mouths full of sharp teeth.


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Beaux & Augustus Empty Re: Beaux & Augustus

Post by Iris Sun May 16, 2021 11:07 am


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Beaux & Augustus Empty Re: Beaux & Augustus

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Aug 09, 2021 11:55 am


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Beaux & Augustus Empty Re: Beaux & Augustus

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Tue Aug 10, 2021 3:22 pm


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Nessa Cordelia Lux

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