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Sensei Musashi

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Sensei Musashi Empty Sensei Musashi

Post by Sensei Musashi Fri May 14, 2021 10:33 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Tutor/Teacher Musashi, Sensei Musashi, Niten Founder
Race: Human
Sub-species: Warrior
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Hetero
Age: 34
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: Golden Titans


Personality: Tradition. Courage. Honor.

Otenshire’s tradition lied in its farmlands and recovery after the Great Holy war. Musashi’s tradition lies in protecting it. He upholds the sacrilege of his town as if it was a part of himself, for when he swears loyalty to something or someone, then he sees to it that their right is upheld – even if it would cost him his life.

Otenshire’s courage lied in advancing their farming skills, to figure out new methods of agriculture. Musashi’s courage lies in advancing as a swordsman and fighter – to always seek new heights and invent his own techniques that may save his life in the long road to dojohood. To always wield his blade with bravery and to never back down from a worthy battle.

Otenshire’s honor lied in surviving the test of time. They won’t let any calamity bring them down again, and neither will Musashi. His honor lies in helping the defenseless gain a shield of courage, strength and grace in the form of fighting skills, so that no oppressor can ever bend them down.

The world is large and wide, filled to the brim with knowledge, cultures and life lessons. Musashi aims to learn all of it, upholding an unwavering smile through the troubles ahead and wielding his blades with pride.

History: Otenshire stood against the test of time after the Great Holy War, but while the crops and trees grew in abundance and quality over the years to follow, it was softly feared that another assault on the town would further its complete destruction once again. People needed to be strong and efficient in defending their own, but one doesn’t just magically become strong on their own.

Enter Musashi! Orphaned from infantry, he was raised in Otenshire by his foster mother and father, both relaxed farmers who harvested the age of peace that flew through the town. Musashi was left in front of their door one day with a note; it stated his name as well as a parting gift in form of a long, straightened Ōdachi.

He was infatuated and devoted to his sword from a young age. He trained almost every day, discovering the efficiencies and skills that one could bear with this weapon. Mysteriously, he excelled and exceeded in skill at a tremendous pace, and when he was 21 years old, he decided to make a career out of these skills. To become worthy of running his ideal dojo, he would need experience in all kinds of fighting styles with a blade, and he would also need students to train and learn under him. It’s partly functioning as an ego boost – although he disagrees – as well as a genuinely desire to see people walk out of his dojo anew.

Believe it or not, but after intaking a strange weed located somewhere in south-west of the main island, Musashi entered a dream-like state with a distorted perception of time, and he only came to his senses as a worn out mess a few days later - fatigued and quite weakened in body and spirit. However, if you ask him, he’s convinced that over a decade had passed, and that he had been learning all kinds of things under a demon-looking monk with a long, snotty nose.

Now, what felt like 10 or more years later, his story has brought him closer to the edges of Vyldermire. Learn more, hone your skills, invent new techniques and pass them on...

- Grassy fields
- Different schools of swordsmanship
- Fruit

- Loudmouths
- Ungraceful fighting
- Wyverns

Goal/Aspiration: Being called Sensei is a huge thing for him, but it also installs him with a sense of responsibility for those who train and learn under him. Every lector and teacher should care for their students, after all.

Key Fear/Adversary: Nothing scares a teacher more than the dwindling and corrosion of their class. Their priced techniques being forgotten to time. Being left in the dust, all alone and remembered by none...


Height: 6'1''
Body Type: Slim, muscular build
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Bright

Overall Appearance:
Sensei Musashi
Sensei Musashi

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Sensei Musashi Empty Re: Sensei Musashi

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat May 15, 2021 2:18 pm


Sensei Musashi ROjNQKP


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Nessa Cordelia Lux
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