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Post by Admin Thu Jan 21, 2021 1:32 pm

Gaming Systems ROF4OAR

Here you can find the information for the site's gaming systems, these are stats that apply to your character. As your character goes on their journey, they will complete quests and events that will earn EXP, Currency and Reputation. These are all used in their own way and can benefit your character differently.

EXP System

The EXP, also known as Experience, system is the value that applies to how much experience your character has gained. EXP is gained through doing quests, events and fighting/taming monsters and will contribute to the rank of your character. Each Rank defines the strength of your character and the levels that can be used in their Magic.

Site Currency

The main Currency of Vyldermire is known as Vyldergold or VG for short. VG can be used to buy and sell items of the site, to see what you can buy take a look at our Marketplace. Vyldergold can be earned by taking quests and events, it can also be gifted or traded.

Gaming Systems VKwY1wy

Reputation System

The Reputation system, is a statistic system that reflects how well known your character is. By gaining Reputation points, you can apply for on site positions, see what positions can be applied for here. Reputation can be gained by doing quests, taming monsters and completing special events.

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