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Post by Llenellyn Wyddicc Mon May 03, 2021 2:17 am



Alias/Nicknames: Nelly
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Demon (Succubus)
Gender / Sexuality: Female/Femme-Bisexual
Age: 25
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: Velvet Reign


Personality: Nelly is a fairly cunning individual. She always tries to think ahead and figure out the most advantageous path forward. However, her cunning is tempered by a sense of morals that keep her ambitions in check and not exploit or harm innocent people even if it might benefit her in the end.

Nelly is forward-thinking. She doesn't like to "stay in the past" - preferring to do her best to keep her eyes forward on the next step towards her goal. Of course, like anyone, she can be affected by positive or negative events, but she tries to prevent herself from being overwhelmed and unable to move forward in her ambitions because of her emotions or experiences.

Nelly is kind. Despite her rather business-like demeanor and habit of talking in values and logic, she is always thinking of what might be best for those around her. She wants to help her people move forward rather than suffer for the evils committed by those on high. She is not blindly generous, of course, but given that she is able and would not be irreversibly disabled for future action, she does what she can to help. She seeks to build a company that will benefit everyone.

Nelly is authoritative. She is not a cruel woman, but Nelly does have the tendency to expect that when she talks, others should listen. She feels that she typically knows what she's talking about and that others would benefit by doing as she says or listening to her. She doesn't intend to be arrogant about it, but it happens sometimes. She just likes being in charge as she feels it is the most efficient way of doing things. She is also quite easily pissed off when someone mistreats another or intentionally tries to mess with her efforts.

History: Nelly grew up being told that anyone that wasn't an Eldritch being was evil and scary. However, a run-in with a kind human girl on a misadventure broke those illusions upon the young Llenellyn forever. Instead, she's come to see that people like her are treated poorly because of the bad and evil actions that others of her kind of wrought upon others. She had always been smart and good at making decisions. Despite being a succubus - a type of being typically expected to be focused on temptations of the flesh and seduction, Llenellyn has always had a head for numbers and commerce. Desiring to reverse the bad reputation demons and others gained because of the actions of a relative few, Nelly decided to put her skills of the mind to use developing new and interesting products, technologies, and methods of socialization or improving the livelihoods of others.

The culmination of her efforts and years of studying people of other races has led to the conceptualization of her Magnum Opus - a Resort of great magnitude that provided many ways for patrons to relax and enjoy themselves. A water park, a restaurant, a massage parlor, a bath house, pleasing company, and an inn - perhaps even other things! No matter where one came from, one seeks ways to keep themselves entertained and healthy. Why not provide the most ingenious establishment that would cater to all of these needs? The possibilities were endless!

The problem is... such an ambitious endeavor requires a great amount of capital - both financial and societal. She needed to amass the funds and reputation to pull off such a goal.

If she succeeded, though, Llenellyn would pull of the greatest PR Stunt in the universe!

Likes: Flirting, Progress, Bread Pudding

Dislikes: Prejudices, Punishing the Many for the Sins of One, getting stains on her clothes

Goal/Aspiration: She desires to see the bad reputation her race gets due to the actions of some powerful demon lords reversed so that her people can coexist with the other races of the world and not get killed off out of fear.

Key Fear/Adversary: She fears failing in her goal and the destruction of her people along with a complete halt in development and progress


Height: 6'0''
Body Type: Thicc
Hair: Red
Eyes: Golden
Skin Tone: Fair

Overall Appearance:
Llenellyn Wyddicc
Llenellyn Wyddicc

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Llenellyn Wyddicc Empty Re: Llenellyn Wyddicc

Post by Iris Mon May 03, 2021 9:44 am


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Llenellyn Wyddicc Empty Re: Llenellyn Wyddicc

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:26 pm


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Nessa Cordelia Lux

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