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The Tsunedari Siblings Empty The Tsunedari Siblings

Post by Daisuke Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:13 am




Alias/Nicknames: Kura
Race: Anthros
Sub-species: Kitsune
Gender / Sexuality:  Female  / Hetero
Age: 19
Alighment: AG
Faction: N/A


Personality: Kura has always been incredibly loyal, almost to a fault. Loyal most especially to her family, very loving and caring to those closest to her. For the most part, she is a quiet, gentle being, whose inclination is always towards what is good and kind. However, she is not oblivious to necessary evils, and dark acts that must be done for the good of her family or even humanity. In particular, the exorcism and potential elimination of her older brother, Hikari, now known as Daisuke the Demon Fox.

Since the awakening of her brother’s darkness, Kura has become more unsure of her own beliefs. She deals with the internal struggle of trying to understand things from her brother’s perspective, someone wounded and jaded by the world’s treatment of their kind and trying to maintain her moral code, of the lines that must not be crossed.

To those who she doesn’t know, she is on the shy side, often a trait mistook as her being quiet or ‘aloof’. Really she just struggles to come out of her shell, having spent her life overshadowed by her confident and playful old brother. She wants to know people but she gets uncertain of herself and can say weird things. The only time she is truly sure of herself is when she is fighting dark creatures, using the only skills she maintains confidence in.

History: The Tsunedari siblings grew up in a kind but strict household, the children of an especially spiritual family. They were raised to believe in the world’s flow, and that balance would always restore itself. A happy but uneasy childhood, for their father was a travelling merchant and would often have to leave the safety of their home in Miriad to sell his wares. However, whilst Miriad is a home where Anthros should feel safe, there were times when their father would return wounded. Attacked by bandits, human or otherwise.

Watching his Father come home wounded, unwilling to defend himself because of his strict belief in doing no harm to others - Hikari grew resentful and frustrated. He tried to maintain a happy facade, even opting to work alongside his father in the trade of craft and merchantry. But seeing the world’s cruelty first hand, only fueled the embers that dwelled within. For brewing inside the Kitsune was a vengeful fire that could not be quelled.

Meanwhile, under the guidance of her Mother, Kura grew up with the purpose of becoming a Shrine Maiden. As the second child and first daughter of the Tsunedari family, it was an honour to devote herself to a life of serving the gods. Kura knew of nothing else but the preparation of this endeavour, which was why she remained oblivious to the darkness enshrouding her older sibling.

Whilst Hikari was working, Kura, and her parents were on a fishing trip, camping by the lake south of Miriad they were discovered by a gang of humans who had wandered up from Tilbur Village. The thieves attempted to rob the family. Their father, Oda, attempted to negotiate with the thieves, however, they laughed in his face and beat him to a bloody pulp. The thieves then attempted to steal Kura as well, however as their mother, Noshime, attempted to stop them she was cut down. It was at this point, the group were discovered by another group of Anthros and were driven away.

When Hikari returned to the news of the attack on his family, which had resulted in his Mother’s death, the darkness quickly took over. No longer could he justify the behaviour of the other races, he tried to gather a group of Anthros to help hunt the thieves down and make them pay for what they did. Only to be refused by his own kind. Rage consumed him and he would venture out on his own, during which a concerned Kura would follow him.

That night Kura watched from a distance as Hikari underwent a transformation, shedding his Kitsune form and taking on a new more sinister form as a Nogitsune. He would not only slaughter the thieves but he toyed and tortured them in a most awful manner. Utterly consumed in his hate for humanity.

It was after this that Hikari left home, taking on a new name, he began his new life, as the Daisuke, the demon fox or demon trickster. A terrifying individual with a love for games and a hate for humanity.

In turn, Kura would forgo her life as a Shrine Maiden, leaving her father in the care of relatives she promised to stop her brother darkness from spreading and to exorcise the demon from his body with the hopes of one day returning him to a Kitsune. In respect of her decision to stop the malicious Nogitsune, the elders of her family came forth and gave her their power so that she would be strong enough to face him with demon strength. As such, Kura, unlike her brother has nine tails instead of one.

- Tea
- Fried Tofu
- Making friends

- Seeing people suffer
- Dogs / Wolves -  As a fox, Kura is naturally scared of Dogs and Wolves.
- People bad-mouthing her brother or her kind. Hikari may have done bad things but she still loves her brother and won’t allow people to be rude to him.

Goal/Aspiration: To hunt down her brother and exorcise that demon from his body.

Key Fear/Adversary: Not being able to stop the Nogitsune from wreaking havoc on the world and killing innocent people.


Height: 5ft 3
Body Type: Petite, Curvy
Hair: Snow white
Eyes: Topaz
Skin Tone: Pale and smooth

Overall Appearance:


Alias/Nicknames:  Daisuke, The Trickster
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Demonata (Nogitsune)
Gender / Sexuality:  Male / Hetero
Age: 22


Personality: Hikari has always been a playful spirit, lighthearted and a bit of a thrill-seeker. Growing up he was always a bit of a rebel, but still very respectful of his family. He wasn't a bad person, but he always held less strictness to moral code than his parents and younger sibling. With women, he is flirtatious, known to have broken many hearts during his youth. In addition to this, he has always been a cunning individual, good at reading others and picking up on how best to manipulate them. Although he tended to resist such temptations when he was younger, things have since changed since his demonic falling.

Now consumed by the darkness that has enveloped his soul, this playfulness has a slightly more mischievous and occasional sinister edge. He enjoys toying with others and playing games with the hearts of others. He seeks chaos, to overturn the world that looked down upon his family, the humans that enslaved his people, the Gaiyans that failed to stop them, and even his fellow Anthros but not permitting themselves the true glory that their species should lay claim to.

Hikari believes that Anthros have allowed themselves to be an inferior species for far too long, and wants to make change in the way things are - no matter how many have to die for it. He despises the fact that the only ones who were able to rise up the ranks of nobility were Draconytes and is even more disgusted by the fact that they chose to marry into human nobility instead of claiming it for themselves. Still enabling the species he considers to be the most inferior to maintain control over their kind. This is why he has allowed himself to ‘fall’, embracing the darkness in his heart and becoming a Dark Kitsune, The Nogitsune. A demon amongst his kind. A change he takes great pride in.

Hikari is incredibly proud of what he is and who he is, shallow and vain he considers himself to be worthy of only the best. Shallow, and narcissistic. Aggressive and vengeful. He is not an individual to be trifled with as he has no qualms with killing, for sports or neccessity.

History: See Kura’s History.

-  Power
- Games
- Chaos

Weak-willed Anthros who sympathize with Humans
Hot summer days, As a Nogitsune, he’s not the biggest fan of daylight, he can tolerate it but during especially when it’s especially hot.

Goal/Aspiration: To wreak havoc and chaos on the world, tormenting the humans as they so rightly deserve.

Key Fear/Adversary: Whilst he enjoys seeing Kura grow stronger and testing her abilities. He doesn’t want to kill her, despite her efforts to stop him and change him back to a Kitsune. He doesn’t want to lose the power he had gained through transformation.


Height: 6 ft 4
Body Type: Tall, muscular, lean
Hair: Normally white, turns black when in demon form
Eyes: Crimson
Skin Tone: Pale and smooth

Overall Appearance:

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The Tsunedari Siblings Empty Re: The Tsunedari Siblings

Post by Iris Mon Apr 26, 2021 12:31 am


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