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Religion in Vyldermire

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Religion in Vyldermire Empty Religion in Vyldermire

Post by Admin Thu Jan 21, 2021 1:06 pm

Religion in Vyldermire BYCTJl0

The Church of Fleuve'ir

"Go with Fleuve'ir's flow."

The belief in Fleuve'ir is to believe in one main god that is the river of life for all of Vyldermire, its magic, and its people. From this river, everything was born. From this river, lesser gods, or branches, were born. And to this river and its branches, the Gaiyans, Anthros, and Humans pray. The waters only flow one way, representing time marching onward, and its gentle, grass-lined riverbed keeps it on its path, representing fate. Most believers trust that all things happen for a reason, and it takes a lot of time and consideration to take action when Fleuve'ir's will isn't clear or seems contested. It is a very peaceful, polytheistic religion that encourages meditation, introspection, and trust.

Some believe that the river referenced is the main artery of the magical leylines, while others believe it is a very real river that either runs subterraneously, is in a yet undiscovered paradise, or once existed in years long past and has either physically dried up or split into the many rivers that feed all the lands. Whether there is or isn't a physical river, it doesn't matter. The river, and thus Fleuve'ir, is spiritual and touches all aspects of life in Vyldermire.

There is a bit of a difference between how Gaiyans and Humans practice their religion. Gaiyans originally had no formal name for the religion, nor buildings to visit. Their worship was and still is often extended directly to leylines of the world, and their prayers are directed as easily as breathing at whatever god they choose. It is more ingrained into their daily lives and culture as a race, making them peaceful and disciplined people. The Humans sect coined the term "Church of Fleuv'ir" and built chapels on leylines for the priests and priestesses, giving their kind more concrete access to the more Gaiyan-centric abstract concepts. Gaiyans later adopted the name for simplicity's sake, though it's commonplace to drop the 'e' in the spelling while Gaiyans keep the traditional spelling of Fleuve'ir, so the religion could stand united. Occasionally Gaiyans will visit chapels but they see them as largely unnecessary. One of the larger differences in practices were the decisions made during the war. While the Human sect of the Church got involved in the war to protect themselves from the Eldritch, the Gaiyans felt that Fleuve'ir's name was being used selfishly and not as intended. The Gaiyans did not feel it was Fleuve'ir's will to get involved until much later when they stepped in to finally end the war, when it was clear there would be no end to it until they did so.

After the war, Fleuve'ir's main church became seated in Engloria in a grand cathedral of white with lapis lazuli accents for easy access to all believers and to remain close to the crowned human King of the Common Lands. Many like to visit for prayers, blessings, and counsel from the Grande Priest, who is currently a Human and has been since just before the church got involved in the Great Holy War.

While it's established that the central river god Fleuve'ir is known by all worshippers, the branch gods are regional and highly varied, though always peaceful. Small chapels are dotted all over the Common Realm and the Free Lands and house places of worship for both Fleuve'ir and whatever regional branch lesser god(s) the area might have. Regional Human gods tend to be more humanoid and open to prayers of self-interest and blessings for their worshippers' lives and various ambitions. Gaiyans' minor gods can be anything existing in nature, and their prayers are rarely for themselves, but instead are joyful praises and giving thanks, or seeking signs of their wills to be obeyed. Regional Anthro gods are generally more animistic and protective of their corresponding sub-species, but Anthros also worship some of the same minor gods from Human and Gaiyan regions as well.

Otherworlders sometimes wrongly assume that the Church of Fleuve'ir operates like the Catholic Church from Earth, but it lacks the moral rigidity of right and wrong and would more accurately be compared to a passive, nature-focused polytheistic/animistic belief system that practices self-control to avoid being swallowed by the Seven Deadly Sins. Priests and priestesses mostly maintain the chapels and offer advice. To use Otherworlder's terms, they're a bit like hippies, very lais·sez-faire, c'est la vie folk, though most Gaiyans and Anthros embrace these attitudes more firmly than Humans.

The Order of the Eternal

"We stare into the void and thus the void stares back into us."

Those that observe the Order of the Eternal have varying beliefs about the nature of the quasi-religion. Eldritch make up nearly all of the observers, and even then the majority use it as more of a moral duty, though it is hardly a religion that perpetuates the belief in right and wrong. Instead, it places emphasis on balance, and those who do not endeavor to keep their scales balanced will receive a punishment, curse, or other generalized misfortune until they settle their scales with the void. Sacrifice is important in the balancing ritual, though this can be anything from Vyldergold to food to blood to, though it's frowned upon, lives.

There are two primary figures that make up the void, to which they make the offerings. One is the icon of a scale made of obsidian, which many observers keep in their homes for the balancing rituals. These scales appear to reflect each individual's balance within the void quite accurately, which adds weight to the rituals and their necessity in daily life. The second is Heknys, the entity that is more or less considered the goddess that judges the Void Ceremonies and is believed to magically balance the scales. Most Eldritch are ambivalent about Heknys and are more concerned with the Obsidian Scales themselves, but witches are especially devout to the pseudo-goddess. She is closely associated with the moon, their witchcraft, and creatures of the night, making her the perfect icon to rally behind.

It is believed that the Order of the Eternal originated on the small, western island of the Obsidian Isles. This serves as the mecca for those who observe the void, and many make a yearly trek in hopes that their scales will balance easier. Belief in the void is more radical on the Obsidian Isles, with the dark catacombs beneath the central island rumored to be used for the darker, more deadly rituals that most others do not approve of.

Otherworlder Religions

Over the many years Vyldermire has existed, many Otherworlders have come through the Sylvian Ruins to influence this world. They brought many things with them, though perhaps the aspect with the largest spread has been their religions. They brought with them the big five, which are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism, as well as a few smaller ones. Vyldermire citizens that have learned about any of them and have converted are called Mirean Converts, and these make up a very small minority of those who observe religion in Vyldermire. The Church of Fleuve'ir and the Order of the Eternal are generally resistant to their alien beliefs, and it differs from region to region about how Otherworlder Religions are handled.

Mirinah Region:


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