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Seven Oak Stables {lb}

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Seven Oak Stables {lb} Empty Seven Oak Stables {lb}

Post by SoS_Staff Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:53 am

[align=center]Seven Oak Stables {lb} JIGxlA

active town/sables/university RPG - friendly staff and members - intermediate/advanced - relaxed atmosphere

[align=justify]Nestled within the hills of the South Downs in Sussex, England lies Seven Oaks stables; a small town overrun with equestrians. It's home to Seven Oak Stables, a homely yard run by Lily White and her siblings that was brought back from ruin with hard work and elbow grease. It brought custom from all over the county and then the country, growing into a thriving livery and riding centre. That was until Blue Acre appeared - owned by Naomi Clarke and her on again, off again rich boyfriend Jacob Thorne - a rift began to split the town in two. Several SOS clients left to join BA, and some members began to pull tricks on each other in retaliation for the lack of loyalty. Things are slowly coming to a head, with the owners struggling to keep peace between their members, how far would you go for your stables?

Whilst the stables battle out for the top spot, the university has its own trouble to contend with. It began with a couple of innocent pranks, seemingly harmless, until someone got hurt. And then a second someone. It soon became apparent that the tricks were intended for the popular students, the crew which ran the school. The professor's have gotten involved, the police trying to pin down the culprits with no success. The popular students are doing their own investigations and ready to make an example out of the culprits for threatening the status quo. The question is, will they find the trickers before it's too late?

Seven Oaks Stables is a two plot site, newly reopened after a brief hiatus. It's primarily an equestrian site but it's also about small town life and university, with a diverse range of characters. We love drama and any and every kind of plot is welcome so come along and join the fun!![/align]

[align=center]- CLICK TO ENTER - [/align]

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