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Rivengate Details

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Rivengate Details Empty Rivengate Details

Post by Admin Wed Jan 20, 2021 2:02 pm

Rivengate Details

Unlike the Avalon Islands, Rivengate is a different type of jungle; a concrete one. While the Free Lands are open to all races to comfortably live free of conflict, Rivengate only hosts three of the four. This is not due to their own prejudices, but rather the Gaiyans' utter distaste for the city. Almost every meter of this island has been altered in some way by human hands, razed of the planet's natural green life and replaced with hard flat gray and steel. This city embraced Otherworlder technology wholeheartedly and quickly transformed into a technological haven the likes of which have only been heard of in stories from beings from Earth. Food is fast, communication is faster, and money can be made without ever leaving home. The sky is framed by buildings so tall that they scrape the sky. Magic is not as necessary here as it is in the rest of Vyldermire, which makes it a beacon to those who lack the ability to form a connection with magical sources.

To enjoy the modern conveniences technology provides, sacrifices were made. The one small park on the southern coast is hardly enough to scrub the air of the pollutants technology and industry produce, which much of the Vyldermire population finds highly unpleasant. Another deterrent to many Vyldermire citizens is the high population of Otherworlders in Rivengate. Lastly, those who are especially sensitive to the natural flow of magic will find it rather weak here. This was an issue during The Great Holy War, so those of Rivengate utilized their Otherworlder population to create their own versions of devastating power using technology and science. However, once they saw just what horrors such things brought, they ceased all production and locked up the plans so they could never be stolen and built again. The one place that had been welcoming to the Otherworlders joined the rest of the world in distrusting them and they were barred from entering the city for a time, but such restrictions have recently been lifted and they are once more opening their arms to those who hail from strange worlds.


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