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Avalon Islands Details

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Avalon Islands Details Empty Avalon Islands Details

Post by Admin Wed Jan 20, 2021 1:28 pm

Avalon Islands Details

Located in the only place within the Mirnah Region that all the races mix together, the Avalon Islands are a bountiful, tropical paradise and a popular vacation destination. The sandy beaches that ring each of the three islands are so clean and pale that they appear to be made of crushed ivory instead of pulverized shells and rock. The oceans surrounding them might as well be made of blue diamonds the way they glisten in the sun. The warm, pleasant climate of the islands keeps the waters warm all year round, which is the biggest draw of all. It's comfortable enough for those with aging bones to enjoy be it beach lounging or spa, and lively enough for the younger crowd with its surfing, shopping, and thumping nightlife. It is not a place that the down on their luck can afford, though. Everything costs Vyldergold to gain access to, which fuels a very healthy economy where luxury and pleasure are the commodities sold.

It's no surprise then that the merchant faction centered on accumulating wealth would call this place home. On a private beach to the south of the main island, there's a huge compound dotted in sun-bleached marble structures dotted with lapis roofs. The main headquarters for Velvet Reign sits right as the lush tropical green meets the pale sands, offering their members premium access to a flawless beach when they aren't out making their riches.


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