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Post by Iris Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:02 am


Q Template:

Iris :
Cassian :
Birch :
Kiigan :
Anastasia :
Theo :
Hakuri :


What was the reason your character was given the name they have? (Both IC by parents and OOC by you):

Iris: Kanna was her mom's name, so to help cut down confusion Kanna (the mom) nicknamed her daughter "My Iris of hope" because i wanted a BS reason to still be known as Iris here.
Cassian: Cassian's mom thought it sounded noble and like a man who would never have any trouble marrying.
Birch: Birch named himself against my will. I got to pick his real name, though, which is Roman Aphalia
Kiigan: Kiigan's first name 16 years ago was Kigai, because I was a weeb and it meant angry or something in a generator and he was the bad brother. I changed it to Kiigan when when I gained some more braincells. I guess his parents in this world just liked it and thought it sounded heroic, but he's a rebellious featherhead.
Anastasia: Her parents thought it sounded sophisticated with hopes that she would one day join the Anthros military and make a name for herself, but she didn't share their ambitions lol
Theo: His parents probably just thought it was cute, because I also just thought it was cute.
Hakuri: Nessa named him from words that mean endurance/patience/whatever in different languages. His god name is hard to remember, but Hakuri is more normal and IC he probably just chose it for that reason.

What scent brings back a memory for your character and what is that memory?:
Iris: The smell of cleaner reminds her of cleaning binges with her equally neurotic mother before she died. And maybe baking cookies also reminds her of her mom.
Cassian: Probably whatever VRP's version of tequila is, i figure he had a really rough night with it and now the smell either makes him sick or embarrassed LOL
Birch: It's a little weird, but the smell of blood reminds him of his Ishgar family's death, which means he reminds himself of it every time he bites/feeds on someone, which is necessary for his ambitions and to not turn into a little vampy egg. So it's a weird bittersweet thing, because he craves something that reminds him of something painful.
Kiigan: The smell of fresh wildflowers reminds him of his home back on Ilyanor which was right next to a large field of them and it makes him miss his mom a little, but not enough to go home.
Anastasia: Spiced cider reminds her of all the times she was trapped indoors by a blizzard and was trying to stay warm. Before she was with her pack and they'd have snacks and games to pass the time until they could go out and rescue the idiots that went out in the storm, but now she just sits by herself.
Theo: Blueberry muffins remind him of happier times with the friends he lost who used to either help him bake them or would bring them as peace offerings when they woke him up early to do a job.
Hakuri: The smell of herbal incenses and fresh tears reminds him of all the prayers he heard in the many years past, smells he misses because he was less lonely but also knows it's better that they're missing if that means the world is suffering less

Describe your character in just one word, and if you’d like add in why?:
Iris: Soft
Cassian: Cassanova
Birch: Ambitious
Kiigan: Delinquent
Anastasia: Loyal
Theo: Squishy
Hakuri: GOODg

What sort of body language or physical gesture is most often made by your character?:
Iris: She probably twirls her hair, picks at her fingernails, or clasps her hands in front of herself when her hands aren't occupied. Little absent things, especially when her mind is elsewhere and she has that completely vacant look lol Bites her lip when she's upset
Cassian: Rolling his eyes and/or smirking. Crossing his arms when he's uncomfortable.
Birch: Brood brood brood, clenched jaw, frowning, drumming his fingers when he's annoyed. He's probably a pacer when he's upset.
Kiigan: The stupid sparkle i his eye and the glowing aura appearing when he's excited, he likes to flip tables when he's mad, he cracks his knuckles and neck a lot.
Anastasia: her ears twitch when she's interested in something, and her tail wags when she's happy or excited. She probably taps her foot when she's impatient.
Theo: Usually his body language is so open, ready for hugs and tackles and just generally flails, hops around, skips.
Hakuri: The thinking pose. fingers on chin with sassy hip..

How does your character show affection?:
Iris: Probably motherly things like baking and cooking, cleaning, offering to iron clothes, awkwardly existing in the general area of the other person as often as she can. I feel like she's actually pretty awkward with romantic affection and will just stare/leave snacks/ coexist in hopes that something good will happen.
Cassian: being willing to spend his money on you and cuddling/not bolting the morning after
Birch: Dating, since he's the romantic, old fashioned type that will court someone he likes. Any non-violent physical touch means he at least doesn't hate you
Kiigan: Bear hugs and forehead kisses
Anastasia: Bringing you items that made her think of you, invading personal space more than usual for snuggles, and lord forbid you turn her on
Theo: He is actually a bit clingy, wants to spend all his time with you
Hakuri: Head pats, cheek brushes, hand kisses, acts of general service and sacrifice

What HP House is your character in?:
Iris: Gryffindor
Cassian: Slytherin
Birch: Slytherin
Kiigan: Slytherpuff
Anastasia: HUFFLEPUFF 100%
Hakuri: Gryffinclaw

What's your character's favorite color?:
Iris: Purple
Cassian: Blue, because it goes with his hair and eye
Birch: Red
Kiigan: Black
Anastasia: Black and white, because she's colorblind
Theo: Lime green
Hakuri: Gray or gold

Based on the HP Universe, what Patronus would your character have?:
Iris: probably a rabbit or deer
Cassian: sexy snake
Birch: buff hawk
Kiigan: iunno an honey badger or something
Anastasia: wolf cause awoooo
Theo: derp otter or derp dolphin
Hakuri: if not a dragon, then a crane

If your character was trapped in an elevator how would they react?:
Iris : She seems to cry easily, so probably that at some point. After being as calm as she can for as long as she can. Then she'd probably demon out after a while and rip the elevator roof/door off and escape
Cassian : By himself, he'd take a nap and hope someone saves him. If with people... he knows a lot of good ways to pass the time. ;D
Birch : He'd probably be silent and calmly annoyed if he couldn't possibly escape, but most likely he's blowing a hole in something to get out
Kiigan : Bang on the walls, holler for help, whine and pout
Anastasia : Keep people calm and rescue them or know to wait for rescue
Theo : He's not a fan of being trapped, so he'd be nervous and trying to find a way out unless someone keeps him distracted
Hakuri : cool as a cucumber, keep everyone calm until help comes.

Your characters are on a plane, the engine fails, the plane begins to descend, how do they handle it? Who would they save?:
Iris : Probably thinks the person who killed her mother has done it, panics that they are causing the deaths of so many, probably tries to save whoever is closest to her personally and then proceeds to have survivors guilt for ever
Cassian : Get upset for a second, then just chug as much booze as possible and convince himself that he doesn't care
Birch : He can't die so he dgaf. might not save anyone either unless he likes them and is actually able to do anything that would keep them alive
Kiigan : Scream and grab whoever and probably jump out to fly away
Anastasia : Try to save everyone with an oddly cool temperament due to her extensive rescues
Theo : Freak tf out, grab however many he can and jump out and hope his jello mold bounces
Hakuri : He wouldn't care about himself, but he'd do everything in his power to save everyone on the plane

What's your character's biggest pet peeve?:

Iris : people making messes and not cleaning them up. Messiness in general
Cassian : People bumming money (he's a hypocrite) and his mom trying to marry him off to another noble, people taking themselves too seriously
Birch : A lot of things. Weak people, people who talk too much, nicknames (more for himself than others), ill-fitting and/or ugly clothes
Kiigan : People leaving him to pay for stuff (lol), people assuming he's a hero just because he's an angel, honestly being acknowledged as an angel most of the time. People telling him what to do
Anastasia : People asking her what color things are or making fun of her wearing things that don't match (since she's colorblind)
Theo : People taking his shinies, being lied to
Hakuri : People oppressing others

How does your character express jealousy?:

Iris : Probably mild irritation, pouts, and an uptick in baked goods in an attempt to keep ahead of the person she feels threatened by
Cassian : I don't think he gets jealous. He'd probably encourage it if he could watch, but I don't know what he'd be like if/when he actually falls in love. I could still see him not minding too much as long as the person always comes back to him
Birch : Very possessive. Much bite and snap.
Kiigan : Possessive, probably get rather angry and shouty and try to fight the person he's competing with. I think he'd make his jealousy known
Anastasia : She's so loyal, I think she'd trust whoever she was with not to give in and thus not be jealous. If she's jealous, she's insecure and probably doesn't trust that her person is loyal back
Theo : He'd probably cuddle and cling more to root the other person out.
Hakuri : I don't know if he'd be able to feel it. If the other person can take his lover, then they weren't his to begin with.)

How does your character or characters react to failure?:

Iris : Overthinks it to death, probably worries until she makes herself sick or comes up with a plan to fix it
Cassian : Shrugs it off. He'll do better next time if it's worth trying again. If it embarrasses him, he'll get moody, though
Birch : Anger and even more determination to overcome the past failures
Kiigan : Punch it again
Anastasia : takes her time to come to terms with it, then moves on optimistic she'll not fail again
Theo : secret espresso depresso
Hakuri : Figure out what made whatever it was fail and try to do it again the right way

What's your character's ideal first date/date?:

Iris : Going to the Royal Rose Park for a picnic
Cassian : arguably he doesn't "date", but drinking and dancing and stirring up some exciting mischief
Birch : Dinner at a nice restaurant and maybe a stroll around town. He's old fashioned and courts those he dates
Kiigan : he probaby has no idea how to date. probably take someone to a festival if there is one, maybe eat at the tavern and play darts... or ask them to spar him or something. :'D
Anastasia : Just being together is enough. She doesn't care what they do
Theo : Going out for expensive cake and then walking /snuggling on the beach
Hakuri : He's never been on a date. He'd probably bring flowers and be a perfect, slightly awkward gentleman who's not used to making idle conversation

What does your character do to relax?:

Iris : Reads, finds a garden to sit and think in, cleans
Cassian : drinks, finds some company for the evening
Birch : drinks tea and secretly reads his mushy romance novels
Kiigan : probably works out or takes a nice fly up in the clouds
Anastasia : Sunbathe if it's not too hot, otherwise naps
Theo : Sit in his treasure room and admire his shinies, or go find shinies, eat sweets at a cafe
Hakuri : Sit and people watch or sit in the forest or in one of his broken chapels.[/size]

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