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Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:27 pm

My Plot Babies / Trackers;;

Nessa  Rowan  Daphne 

Elijah  Aries    Avatar

Avatar  Avatar  Avatar

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Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:48 pm

Posts I Owe;;








Kura & Hikari


Posted for;;

- On the Prowl (20th of April)

- Spring Festival (15th of May)

- Avalon Heat (31st of March)
- Spring Festival (8th of May)

- Risky Business (18th of April)

- Humble Returns (11th of May)

- Theo (15th of May)
- Absolutely not! (20th of April)

Kura & Hikari
- Good Mornin'! (8th of May)
- Daiko (15th of May)



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Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:59 am

Char Questions;;

Q Template:
Nessa :
Rowan :
Daphne :
Elijah :
Aries :
Yasmina :
Triste :
Lili :


What was the reason your character was given the name they have? (Both IC by parents and OOC by you):

Nessa :  ICLY - Nessa was a named they liked and her middle name Cordelia is her Mother's name, which her dad insisted on. OOCLY - I wanted a deviation on the name Vanessa, Cordelia is just a pretty name and Lux was picked because it means Light and Nessa comes from a family of Star Maidens/ Light Weilders.
Rowan : ICLY - Normal parent choosing names. OOCLY -  It felt the right touch of Masculine for the character.
Daphne : ICLY - Same as above . OOCLY - I had the name before the character, the name Daphne just came to me and I knew it had to be a witch. the Middle name Rose and the surname Ravenwood was to give the whole thing I kind of earthy natural nature to make it feel more beffiting for a witch.
Elijah : ICLY - Same as above. OOCLY - Honestly I had recently watched The Originals and I just really wanted the name for a character. I was in major Vamp hype after watching that show so I guess the story just followed from that with my own twists.
Aries : ICLY - Named by a village of humans who he met, his real name is too long and complicated so they wanted to give him a human name, so they went with something quirky and cute. Aries Marrow, Aries being because he has a ram-like head and marrow because of the bone. OOCLY - for the purpose of that story.
Yasmina : ICLY - Again, normal naming process by parent. OOCLY - Again the name came to me before the character and I couldn't get it out of my head.
Triste : ICLY / OOCLY - Triste means sadness which is key to his creation
Lili : Okay so Lilith is complicated because she is from another site where she is the daughter of the demoness Lilith who she took her name from but as I ported her here that no longer applies so in this world its just normal parent naming shenanigans

What scent brings back a memory for your character and what is that memory?:
Nessa : Apple or Apple Pie, Her mum was really good at baking and they used to pick apples together and her mum would make pies for the family. Now when she smells it she misses her mother.
Rowan :  Along the same lines as Nessa, a nice home cooked meal, possibly a roast. Makes him want to pay his mum a visit.
Daphne : Herbs / Random ingredients , I imagine growing up with her fellow witches, Daphne would have dabbled in alot of potion craft  so this would remind her of her childhood
Elijah : Possibly the perfume worn by his late wife would remind him of her and the time they shared
Aries : Burning wood -  From the time his home was burned down by the tribes, I imagine it brings him a lot of pain to remember
Yasmina : Coal/Smoke, I imagine it reminds her of home, all the blacksmithing.
Triste : Pinecones. I imagine when he first came to exist, he explored a little bit to get used to his body and interacting with the world around him. I can picture him picking up a pinecone and sniffing it.
Lili : Maybe the smell of specific Anthros, a species simular to the ones that picked on her as a child.

Describe your character in just one word, and if you’d like add in why?:
Nessa : Kind
Rowan : Pragmatic
Daphne :  Cautious
Elijah :  Jaded
Aries : Wise
Yasmina : Wild
Triste : Focused
Lili : Toying

What sort of body language or physical gesture is most often made by your character?:
Nessa: Soft acts of affection like an arm touch or hugs
Rowan :  Tilting his head back and closing his eyes. Even when he's not napping he does this when he's deep in thought.
Daphne : Brushing her hair behind her ears, usually for flirting, sometimes because she just a bit vain and wants to make sure her hair is neat.
Elijah :  Angry glare
Aries : Probably just standing quite stiffly. I can't imagine him being very fluid or needed to make any gestures not being human.
Yasmina : Sticking her tongue out at people or pulling faces
Triste : Probably does the whole rubs chin whilst he thinks or contemplates
Lilith : Bites lip, usually when aroused or excited.

How does your character show affection?:
Nessa : Hugs, Hand-holding, Cheek kisses
Rowan : subtly, by being considerate of their needs. Romantically he's very private but very attentive.
Daphne : Lots of touching, hugging, teasing, booty smacks. Daphne has little sense of personal space when she likes people.
Elijah : Is fractionally less mean. Romantically however, he does has an affectionate side and he's not shy about it.
Aries : Head pats, kind words.
Yasmina : If it's friendly affection, she will most like tackle hug people or make them carry her on their back. Romantically however it's a lot of blushing and awkward freezing and being unable to speak.
Triste : Very servile, will find a way to ease their struggle or workload.
Lilith : Teasing. Lots of teasing. Very inappropriate.

What HP House is your character in?:
Nessa : Gryffindor
Rowan : Gryffindor
Daphne : Slytherin
Elijah : Slytherin
Aries : Ravenclaw
Yasmina : Hufflepuff
Triste : Ravenclaw
Lili : Slytherin

What's your character's favorite color?:
Nessa : Violet
Rowan : Green
Daphne :  Pastel Pink
Elijah : Black
Aries : Sunset Orange
Yasmina : Silver
Triste : Navy blue
Lili : Red

Based on the HP Universe, what Patronus would your character have?:
Nessa : Angora Shorthair Cat
Rowan : Wyvern
Daphne : Butterfly
Elijah : Wolf
Aries : Kudu
Yasmina : Lionness
Triste : Hummingbird
Lili : Panther

If your character was trapped in an elevator how would they react?:
Nessa: Try to keep everyone calm, attempt to pass time by engaging in chit chat or word games.
Rowan: Take a nap
Daphne: Try to figure out a way out if possible, if not, try to make the best of it.
Elijah: Breakthrough the Elevator roof and climb out.
Aries:  Wait patiently until it's fixed. Create berries/fruit for others to eat if they get hungry. Use magic to free everyone but only if its necessary and no one is coming to help.
Yasmina :  Play games.
Triste : Grow frustrated and irritable but provide aid to others if need be. Try and find a way out.
Lili : Suggest some kind of lewd game to pass time.

Your characters are on a plane, the engine fails, the plane begins to descend, how do they handle it? Who would they save?:
Nessa: Panic by try to save everyone.
Rowan: Try to save everyone.
Daphne: Save herself and only people she cares about.
Elijah: Remain unphased, Save himself, maybe others if they are valuable.
Aries: Use magic to save everyone including the plane.
Yasmina: Freak out, Maybe cry, cling to whoever closest.
Triste: Try to save as many people as he can within reason.
Lili: Save herself.

What is their favorite food?:
Nessa : Karaage chicken, particularly when it was made by her aunt
Rowan : Roast dinner, or meat
Daphne : Smoked Salmon and cream cheese on crackers
Elijah : Um... blood. Or whiskey.
Aries: Doesn't need to eat but if he did it would be berries.
Yasmina : Sweets, Candies Ice cream
Triste : He hasn't eaten much yet but I have this headcanon that he's going to love curry when he tries it
Lilith : Sushi

What is your character's biggest pet peeve?:
Nessa : Bullies
Rowan : Discrimination
Daphne : Insulting Witches
Elijah : Being treated in a manner he deems disrespectful or being called an Inu/Kitsune
Aries : Pollution
Yasmina : Like Nessa, Bullies
Triste : Being decieved
Lili : Being nagged

What item is your character most often likely to have on them?:
Rowan : His weapon. Better to be safe than sorry.
Daphne : A jar of sand to stop herself from invading people's dreams.
Elijah : A flask of blood whiskey.
Aries : Seeds
Yasmina : Lollipops
Triste : Just a bag of provisions for his journey
Lili : Vyldergold, she'll always have some on her to make sure she's never short

How does your character handle romantic jealousy?:
Nessa : From experience, when Markus got jealous she found it cute/flattering, so as long as it's not nasty she can deal
Rowan : Would drag them somewhere private and show them why they don't need to be jealous
Daphne : Loves it, wants more Jealousy, would encourage and lap it up before hot make up session
Elijah : Shout and call them stupid/foolish
Aries : Would be calm and do his best to settle them
Yasmina : Wouldn't understand what is happened as she is super dense
Triste : Would walk away to let them calm down
Lili : Gets annoyed and distant

How does your character express romantic jealousy?:
Nessa: Gets irritable and competitive, will makes moves to 'win' the attention of that person
Rowan: Drags them somewhere private to hog their attention
Daphne:  Probably get drunk and get lewd with said person of interest
Elijah : Shouty shouty, angry man, would shout and then kiss them out of anger
Aries : Doesn't get jealous but if he did I'd imagine he'd just be quiet
Yasmina : Big time sulk, kick things, become more chaotic and start attention seeking
Triste : Try to suppress his jealousy but would show very subtle hints of it
Lilith : Would retaliate by trying to make the person of interest jealous


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