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Ilyanor Details

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Ilyanor Details Empty Ilyanor Details

Post by Admin Wed Jan 20, 2021 1:07 pm

Ilyanor Details

Upon walking into Ilyanor, most people feel a peculiar tingling on the skin. It's from the olde magic that this old town is steeped in and feels crisp, refreshing, and wise... to most. Those who have forsaken the natural order of things or utilize magic that is unnatural might feel a bit more discomfort as the land and buildings try to repel what it feels is a threat. As one of the oldest settlements erected by Gaiyans, they've made sure that even though they've created beautiful structures, the materials used remain connected to nature and are still living. Even the stones used for their pale buildings are warm to the touch and pulse gently with energy. As such, even though the town is hundreds if not thousands of years old, it does not decay or age. It's all very beautiful and natural, just as the Gaiyans prefer it.

When the Gaiyan's made the decision to isolate themselves from the humans following the fall of some of their kind into darkness, Ilyanor became the primary home of all Gaiyans. They never disturbed the natural geography of the island and never will. While Ilyanor is a pinnacle of peace, they do not take kindly to any who harm it and will remove those that do, intentional or not.


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