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Kostya Dyrendal Empty Kostya Dyrendal

Post by Dyrendal Sun Apr 11, 2021 6:45 am



Alias/Nicknames: Cheshire [Rogue Alias], Kostya [Friends/Family]
Race: Anthros
Sub-Species: Hellcat Neeko
Gender | Sexuality: Male | Pansexual
Age: Thirty-Two
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: Velvet Reign


Personality: Kostya is a man who thirsts for power and influence. In his case he has decided the best way to do so is to amass wealth. He is extremely driven, unwilling to let his life fall back into poverty and servitude. Equal parts drive and impatience, Kostya almost always has a project he is working on or a mission he is undertaking. He gives himself to what he is doing fully though, and when it comes time to relax he indulges just as fully. It could easily be said he is not someone to do things by half measures. As a member of the Velvet Reign he is quite use to intrigue and subtle manipulation, but ultimately he has almost no patience for it himself. While decently able to spot out manipulation, if given the option he is more likely to charge straight as a problem and deal with it head on. Because of his preference for directness he has a reputation as being someone you can trust to keep their word, if he promises to do a task you can rest assured he will do everything possible to keep that promise. The flip side of his can occasionally result in excessive bluntness, if he has an issue with someone he's not likely to hold his tongue just for the ask of being diplomatic. Everyone should be treated with respect initially but should they lose his respect he isn't going to pretend otherwise.

History: Kostya was sold to a mobster to pay off his father's gambling debts when he was nine years old. He was kept as a servant, chained up at first though eventually just collared, for most of his young adult life. It wasn't until he was in his late teens that he began to question this lot in life and make his plans for how to escape. His master at the time thought he had been conditioned well enough to never even consider leaving. Kostya first tried to run when he was nineteen. He was beaten quite badly for that, but the blows didn't quench his thirst for rebellion, they only fueled it. After another year of careful planning he made his second break for it and this time he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his hands clean. He attacked one of his master's guards and made a run for it, he never found out if the man lived or died but given the blood on  his hands he suspected the worse. It was quite some time before he could come to terms with that fact. But in the moment he didn't think too heavily on it, that would wait for his nightmares later on. He made his way to a ship headed for the Free Lands and signed on with a Mercenary Company to pay for his passage. Five years later he bought out his contract with the company and set out on his own, determined to ensure he would never again be at someone's beck and call.

♢ Wealth: Kostya believes that wealth is the most easily available form of power that can be seized by anyone, even an anthro like himself. Kostya has found that people who say that wealth cant buy happiness have almost never been truly destitute, too poor to afford to feed yourself.
♢ Physicality: Kostya isn't the deepest thinker really, he is far more concerned with the physical. The needs of his body tend to come first and foremost. When energetic he enjoys exercise and being outdoors, when tried he's happy to curl up someplace warm and sleep the day away. Physical touch is extremely comforting to him and he often seeks out casual physical contact whenever he is agitated or simply for the pleasure of it.
♢ Stimulants: In addition to having a sweet tooth for anything sugary, Kostya enjoys just about anything that will give him a rush of energy. Caffeine from coffee and teas are the most common fixes available to him but Kostya has been known to seek more exotic options when available.

♢ Disrespect: Early on life was not especially easy for Kostya. He has worked extremely hard to raise himself up to a position of relative influence and power and he expects a certain amount of respect and acknowledgement of this fact. He has something of a temper that flares up especially badly when people look down on him as an anthro; something that is not exactly uncommon even these days.
♢ Boredom: Impatient at times, Kostya cannot stand to be bored. What counts an entertainment might vary drastically from day to day, napping the day away could be just fine at times. But any situation where he's told to slow down or do nothing for extended periods of time tend to irritate him and cause him to act out.
♢ Messiness: He is almost always very well put together in terms of appearance and his professional work. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty exactly but he is very quick to clean up if he has to. Wearing soiled or torn clothing irks him and people who cannot keep organized are looked at quite critically.

Goal/Aspiration: Kostya is determined to never be poor every again, he lived most of his early life destitute and has no desire to ever go back to living that way. In his mind wealth is a form of power that he understands intimately. He wants the power to ensure no one can tell him how to life his life. While he is not selfless enough to put others before himself, there is also a part of him that does hope to be able to use his wealth and power to improve the lives of his fellow anthros.

Key Fear/Adversary: Given the horrors of his early life, he has a terrible fear of being chained up or imprisoned. As someone who values his freedom so highly the idea of being forced back into servitude is terrifying. Even the idea of being handcuffed or tied up by an official is enough to give him cold sweats and trigger a serious fight or flight reflex.


Height: 6'2"
Body Type: Lithe
Hair: Blue, somewhat messily styled and pulled back into a tail.
Eyes: Teal
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:

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Kostya Dyrendal Empty Re: Kostya Dyrendal

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sun Apr 11, 2021 12:25 pm


Kostya Dyrendal ROjNQKP
Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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Kostya Dyrendal Empty Re: Kostya Dyrendal

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sun Jul 18, 2021 3:15 pm


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Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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