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Bertrand Gauthier Empty Bertrand Gauthier

Post by Bertrand Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:48 pm

Bertrand Gauthier


Alias/Nicknames: Wolfsbane
Race: Human
Sub-species: Warrior
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Straight
Age: 28 / 19 Aug
Alighment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: Factionless


Bertrand is a troubled man. Nightmares about his parent's deaths keep him wide awake at night. Bags under his eyes are more often there than not as he tries to avoid sleeping, as when he is awake he does not have to content himself with the image of his brutalized parents and the mauling beast from whose claws and teeth dripped the blood of his parents. One cure, albeit a very poor one, has been drinking for him. If he is hammered, he dreams less. He is cynical about life although he wants to protect the innocent.

He can be quite unpleasant to meet as he cares not for pleasantries. He dislikes small talk and wants to get directly to the point. He is neither very talkative except when he is drunk, it is then that he will brag about his feats and adventures. He is almost an entirely different person, except his cynicism stays as an aftertaste.

Bertrand is both great on his own in an adventure but also does well in groups. Be it as a leader or as one to follow orders. He does speak his mind if he deems the leader makes a foolish decision but otherwise follows through with the plans. He can get grumpy if the people around him are incompetent, or talkative... and the gods forbid, both.

Bertrand's parents had been killed by a werewolf when Bertrand was 10, it happened in front of his eyes. He could do nothing to help them, and neither were the villagers able to help his parents once they came with torches and pitchforks as by the time they got there nothing but two bloody corpses laid in front of the house. After that, he was sent to an orphanage.
Bertrand swore that he would never be helpless again, that a next time he would be able to save someone's parents. He began to train himself and tried to learn tricks and techniques from adventures that passed through the town. When he became 19, he joined an adventurous group and lived his life as an adventurer, mercenary, and monster hunter.


Small Talk

The eradication of all eldritch, in particular werewolves, as it was a werewolf that killed his parents. To stop dreaming, and rid himself of his nightmares.

Key Fear/Adversary:
Bertrand fears for the time that he will be unable to jump into action when it is required of him, like when he was a little boy with tears upon his cheeks, frozen as the horrors happened in front of him. The events left him scarred, he has nightmares every night which leaves him often with insomnia as he tries not to sleep at all. He found a poor cure in drinking.


Height: 1.88 m
Body Type: Muscular
Hair: Black and Short
Eyes: Light blue
Skin Tone: Slight tan

Overall Appearance:

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Bertrand Gauthier Empty Re: Bertrand Gauthier

Post by Iris Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:29 am


Bertrand Gauthier QRmoaKI

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Bertrand Gauthier Empty Re: Bertrand Gauthier

Post by Iris Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:20 am

Archiving per user's request.

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