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Helena DuRose Empty Helena DuRose

Post by Bonifaz Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:20 pm

Helena DuRose


Alias/Nicknames: Hel, Hela, Blood Rose
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Pureblood Vampire
Gender / Sexuality: Female, Pansexual
Age: 33 / 12 June
Alighment: Rogue
Faction: Rebel Scorpius


Ambitious, arrogant, industrious, egoistic, deceiving, and defiant are words that describe Helena's personality well. Helena has great ambitions with lust for power and riches. She is always scheming to further her plans, at the cost of others. She works hard to achieve her goals even though she wants to be pampered, and command others to do her work for her. However, she does not yet have such influence, and besides, if you want something done well, you should do it yourself.

Helena does not do well with others, certainly not towards authority figures. She is great at not listening to order and just as great at arguing against orders. Her plans are better, in her mind. Ever since she had become a vampire, it had felt as if her luck had turned, and that had gone to her head. The world revolved around her now, in her little world. Even though she is arrogant and egoistic, she can show another side. Compassion, patient, and kind. This is of course a ruse. She is rarely nice to anyone unless there is something she can gain from them. So far Helena has no friends, just temporal allies and associates but she would ditch without a second thought for a grab of power.

Helena was born in Engloria, her parents being owners of an inn. Her parents forced her from a young age to help in the inn. Prepare and serve food, washing the dishes, tapping ale, and clean rooms. Helena did not like it at all, cleaning the rooms of other people was gross and the comments she got during serving food and drink were things she did not want to hear. Her complaints to her parents fell on a deaf ear, customers were king. One evening, when she took care of the inn alone as her parents had business elsewhere, a man entered the inn at the same time a customer made a remark towards Helena. The stranger defended her and ended up in a fight that he easily won. A knight or a prince had Helena thought; he was neither of those things, he was something far better. This stranger must have been the most beautiful man she had ever seen, at least twice her age but she felt drawn to him. They got to talk, he listened very well to her and was sympathetic to her position. He gave her a way out, and the promise to become her own master and a slave to none. It had a price, a price she was willing to pay. And that is how Helena became a vampire at the age of 21.


Humans and Anthros
Coffin Jokes

Helena's goal is to become the most powerful vampire known. Living in a castle with a whole entourage for her to command. To make people quaver and kneel before her. To have fountains filled with blood within her castle. To bring an end to the sun.

Key Fear/Adversary:
Helena is afraid to be burned by the sun, she is hesitant to walk into the sun even with blood rubies on her being. Helena is also afraid of death, it had been a blessing for her to become a vampire.


Height: 1.71 m
Body Type: slim
Hair: Orange and long
Eyes: Red
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:

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Helena DuRose Empty Re: Helena DuRose

Post by Iris Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:21 am


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Helena DuRose Empty Re: Helena DuRose

Post by Iris Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:56 am

Archiving per user's request.

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