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Sub-Species Information

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Sub-Species Information Empty Sub-Species Information

Post by Admin Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:37 pm

Sub-Species Information Dq2mJJq

There are four main races that belong to Vyldermire; Humans, Eldritch , Gaiyans and Anthros. And whilst these are the dominant races, they are not made up of one unique species, but variations of sub-species that fall into their category.

To read more about the overall races you can find information here and the history/origin of each race can be found here.

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Post by Admin Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:06 pm


Humans are the only races that can be broken done into two sub-species. Biologically humans are all the same, with one vital difference; some are able to tap into the worlds magic and some cannot.

Mages, able to wield and cast magic of any types. There is no limit to what form of magic and skill a mage can do, however at the cost of being able to wield magic they are set a physical disadvantage to Warriors.

Humans who cannot wield magic, instead they are blessed with greater attributes, they cannot cast spells but they can still tame beasts, call summons and are both physically stronger and faster than regular mages.

As a race, humanity is broken down into a normal societal class system such as Higher Class Society, Middle-Class Society and Lower/ Working Class society.

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Post by Admin Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:48 pm


The Eldritch are a race that is made up of supernatural beings, some wore born as Eldritch, others are evolved from other species such as human/Gaiyan. Eldritch are known for being ruthless, dark creatures, but they are not necessarily cruel. Some choose to be cruel because with such power they have little consequence to face, whilst others choose to follow a lighter path. Many of the Eldritch kind are raised to for the belief of the Order of the Eternal, which teaches the values of equal exchange and the blessing of the void. Eldritch as a race tends to follow a specific hierarchy based on their species, familia and power. This hierarchy can be broken into Classes.

The Infernal - The Highest Class of Eldritch
These are the rulers amongst the Eldritch and creatures that humans are most terrified of because unlike the others they are especially difficult to kill. They are also hard to predict, some are ruthless and deadly, others less so.

The Superior - Middle Class of Eldritch
The Superior are Eldritch who are still incredibly strong, capable of killing hundreds of inferior beings with a single attack, they are to be faced with extreme caution.

The Inferior - Lowest Class of Eldritch
The Inferior are an Eldritch class that either follows Superiors or the Infernals or roam freely during which they are known for created chaos. Inferiors have little control over their impulses and often have to be subdued by stronger beings.

The Demonata:

Sub-Species Information XrMaOQJ

"Beware of facing demons, for they may awaken your own..."

The Demonata, otherwise known as Demon kind, are the species of demons that belong to the Eldritch kind. Demons can vary in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from beautiful creatures to terrifying monsters. They are creatures of genuine darkness and their origins are completely unique to each individual some being born from Gaiyans, some born from humans and some having arrived from other worlds/realms entirely. There are even families of demons that have bred and created a line of demons generations. As a species, Demons has an especially strong link to 'sinful emotions', such as desire, hatred, greed and fear. It is believed that to allow those emotions to consume you, would be to give birth to a new demon. Demons have their own classes that they follow that can be broken down as follows;

Demon Lords
The Infernal
The highest and greatest of all demonkind, they are the leaders of the demon race and are often found in positions of powers amongst the Eldritch Race. Demon Lords are incredibly strong and terrifying to face. All Demon Lords are evolved from Higher Demons.

Higher Demon
The Infernal  / The Superior
Higher Demons are demons that tend to take on a human form, they are extremely beautiful beings but wield devastating power. Higher Demons can be your standard type of demonata, however, they are also more specific breeds that fall into this class such as Incubi, Succubi, Ifrits, Familiars, Drudes etc.

Lower Demons
The Inferior
Lower demons are a weaker class of demons, not strong enough to take on human form, they are generally consumed with the desire from which they were birthed.


Sub-Species Information PaUPePS

"If you meet a vampire that smells of flowers, Run and don't look back."

Vampires are creatures of a naturally cold demeanour, the epitome of the undead, these beings are known for being especially ruthless, particularly toward humans and the Anthros. Vampires, regardless of their appearance, are naturally alluring, able to compel and charm their prey. A weak-willed creature will fall victim to a vampires power with little resistance, and can even become enslaved to the vampire. Compulsion, however, is now illegal in many regions (Including the Miranah Region), and any Vampires found to be using such power will face the great consequence. Some are banished, and others have even been sentenced to death, depending on how many lives they have affected.

Vampires required blood to survive, however, what creature this blood comes from is irrelevant. As long as they feed off blood they can survive, and it is because of this that society has changed to provide vampires with a means not to kill humans/anthros. The only creature that a vampire cannot feed on is a Gaiyan, for its spiritual properties in a Gaiyans blood will burn the vampire from the inside.  It was decreed over a hundred years ago, that stations be set up in every town so that a vampire will have somewhere they can feed legally. These stations provide a 'blood pouch', usually filled with animal blood, that Vampires can consume freely. They also sell 'Donor pouch's which are pouches of human blood that people have donated for the vampires to consume, however, humans who donate are often paid for such a service and rarely do so for free. As such a doner pouch is incredibly expensive and only the wealthiest of Vampires can afford it. Not all vampires will use this service however, there are still some who freely consume blood directly from a victim and whilst not all are noticeable. There is one way to tell whether you have a bloodthirsty vampire, for vampires that consume a lot of blood have often been discovered by their scent, meaning victims will realise they are vampires before they can be compelled. As such, vampires of this nature will often coat themselves in fancy lotions, to mask the scent of their victims and lure their prey into a false sense of security.

Humans and Anthros can be turned into vampires after being bitten by a vampire, a bite will leave a vampiric venom in their body, this toxin is essentially harmless. However, should a bitten individual die within twenty-four hours of being bitten then they will be turned into a vampire. When Human's are turned they become full vampires, however, if an Anthros is turned they become a hybrid of their original species and vampire. Gaiyans cannot be turned into Vampires, as Gaiyan blood is toxic to vampires and automatically neutralises vampiric toxins

Despite their inhuman nature, the class amongst vampires is greatly similar to the human class system. However, the higher class society amongst the vampire race is often filled with older and strong vampires. Newer vampires, unless turned by an Elder, often are placed in the lower class of vampire society.

Even if they are lower in class and strength, even the weakest of vampires possesses incredible physical strength and speed. They cannot however go out into the sun without the aid of a blood ruby. Blood rubies are enchanted gemstones that must be worn by vampires to go out into the sun, however, the weaker a vampire is they less exposure to the sun they can endure. An older and stronger vampire can go out in the sun all down, and Elders do not require a blood ruby at all.

The Infernal
Elders are the oldest of vampire kind, they have existed for thousands of years and it is rare that you will come across one or even realize they are in your presence. For they can walk around in the sun and require very little blood to survive, having adapted over the years to survive on less than a glass a day. Elders are very good at compulsion and could easily create an army of brainwashed minions should they choose to.

Nobles / Purebloods
The Superior
Nobles and Pureblood vampires are those turned directly by an elder, they are incredibly strong and have great compulsion skills.

Common Vampire
The Inferior
A Common Vampire is general vampires turned by Nobles, Pureblood or other common vampires. These vampires tend to be younger and also require more blood to survive. Common Vampires aren't as good at compulsion and are easier to resist. They are also easier to kill.


Sub-Species Information BQ3kn17

"A werewolf is neither a man, nor wolf,
but a terrifying creature with the worst features of both..."

Werewolves, also known as Lycans are the newest of the Eldritch kind. Not to be mistaken for an Inu or a Kitsune, these are a unique type of shapeshifter - a power only otherwise possessed by certain demons. However, the difference being that Werewolves can only shift into one form, their wolf form. Lycanthropy is believed to be a cursed created by witches, originally designed to punish humans who had crossed a particular line of witches. However this curse quickly grew to develop into its own race of powerful supernatural, werewolves are strong, proud creatures with physical strength that can easily rival that of a vampire and even some Superior demons.  Still, despite their incredible strength they are considered the lower class of the Eldritch species (The Inferiors) and are rarely respected by others. As such werewolves tend to seek each other out, to form packs and communities. These packs are lead by an Alpha, who is the strongest werewolf in the pack. Unlike other races, Werewolves do not put themselves into categories, they merely define themselves by their strength, with the alpha at the top, followed by the Beta and with all others equals.

Like Vampires, werewolves can strength and control with age. The curse inflicted upon them forces them to turn under the full moon and for newer or weaker willed wolves, the pain of the change consumes them with anger. They fall victim to the effect known as 'the hunt', which compels them to hunt and kill until the moon as passed. However, with time and support from other were-kind, werewolves can learn to control this urge although they still become very much on edge during this time. Unlike Vampires and demons, it is very hard to tell the difference between a werewolf and a human when they are not under the change, in fact, most werewolves can blend into human society with ease. However, they find that most humans are very distrustful of their kind and will turn against them should they find out their true nature.

Whether they are in human form or wolf form, lycans have heightened sense of smell, and incredibly good hearing. They are also allergic to silver and find it will burn their flesh. Killing a werewolf is very difficult as their body natural regenerates a lot faster than a human, and the older the werewolf the harder it is to kill. Werewolves can turn humans into werewolves with a single bite, however, to turn other sub-species into a werewolf then they have to be exposed to a great deal of the Lycan toxin which generally must be produced by multiple bites from various werewolves. To be turned one must be bitten by a werewolf in their wolf form, being bitten in their human state will have no effect. When Human's are turned they become full werewolves, however, if an Anthros is turned they become a hybrid of their original species and werewolf. Gaiyans cannot be turned into werewolves at all and are immune to the toxin.


Sub-Species Information RWmhe8A

"A witch does not fear the forest's darkness,
for in the forest the darkest thing, is the witch themself..."

Witches, are essentially like mages, however, there are some magical laws that must not be broken, power than can only be obtained by the pure sacrifice of one's humanity. Humans that give up their humanity in exchange for power, are witches. Witches are beautiful beings, man, woman and other, they are seen as terrifying creatures by those who do not understand them. And whilst witches do dabble in dark arts and rituals, as a race they are particularly jovial. Witches tend to engage in festivals and ceremonies often, offering sacrifices and tributes to the void. Witches tend to follow the Order of the Eternal like many of the Eldritch, however, they have their own variations of belief. In addition to the void, they worship the Dark Mother, Heknys, who they believe to be a harbinger of the void and a mother to all witches.

Witches essentially exist as a communion, they are very private and tend to reveal very little about their home to outsiders. So cautious of being hunted by humans that even their homes are concealed with terrifying illusions to ward off outsiders, not wanting them to learn of the dark magicks that only witches possess.  Witch communions tend to be overseen by a Grande Archon or High Priestess, however as a society, they live as a democracy. If a witch has something to say, they must be heard, that is the creed of witches.

Witches were considered members of the Inferior, however, since their contribution to the Holy War, where they played a great part off fighting back the human race where they were able to show their fellow Eldritch the true terror of a witches wrath. As such they are considered members of the Superior Eldritch kind, and some of their more powerful witches have even been classed an Infernal.

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Sub-Species Information Empty Re: Sub-Species Information

Post by Admin Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:05 pm


The Gaiyans are the oldest race of Vyldermire. They were born of the planet's flesh and remain very connected to it. They're sensitive to every change in the earth and draw power directly from the leylines beneath the surface for strength and renewal. Most sub-species of Gaiyans are long-lived and avoid conflict with the other races if possible. When they need to cut a plant or kill an animal, nearly every Gaiyan will say a prayer of thanks as well as one for the earth to accept them and rebirth them anew. Every action, whether against nature or against another person, is extensively considered before it's taken. While they are a thoughtful and pleasant people, they are fairly strict about letting emotions get the better of them. It's a discipline they hold in high regard, especially since they've seen so many influenced too much by either Eldritch or humans to the point that they become Eldritch. The discovery that they are so susceptible to the sins of the other races frightens them, so most avoid it where they can. The more daring of the Gaiyans venture out to mix with the other races, but they must remain vigilant not to slip into their messes.

As far as classes go, Gaiyans are big proponents of equality amongst themselves. Other than those chosen to help guide Vyldermire post treaty, each of the sub-species operates without the division of class systems. An Ambassador from each of the sub-races makes up a council that "rule" that Gaiyans, but they are not treated any differently than the average citizen. The only exception is the Elves, but even though they have a Queen to help mitigate occasional issues and make decisions for the best interests of their large population, she's not elevated above the other people or treated remotely in the same way as humans treat their Royal Family.


Sub-Species Information Bx9Knzp

"Lucky are those who glimpse a Dryad, for it is rarer than a shooting star."

Most of the Dryad sub-species are female and very, very shy.  They are gentle and naive creatures who care primarily for trees of all kinds. They inhabit forests, groves, and anywhere there are trees. It's not often that a Dryad ventures out into the world, but not completely unheard of. Most remain attached to their home tree and never go far from it since the death of the tree will mean their death as well. Those that choose to leave their tree will take a small piece (bark, branch, leaf) as a token with them, both to check its condition while they are away and to remain healthy themselves. Should they lose their tree token, they'll lose connection to the healing and power of nature and become ill until they return for another token.

Dryads have the natural ability to shapeshift between tree, tree-humanoid, and human appearances. These abilities initially manifested so they'd be able to lure humans away from their trees effectively without becoming an oddity that attracts more attention.  They'll do almost anything to resolve issues peacefully, but once those attempts run out, they will fight to protect their homes.


Sub-Species Information 9WRdJJi

"Elves will see your intentions before you do.
Gain their trust and you'll have an ally worth its weight in Vyldergold."

The youngest sub-species of Gaiyans, Elves live in large towns, preferably deep in the woods or high in the mountains for privacy. They prefer to keep with their own kind, and of the Gaiyan race, they are most likely to be cold and almost haughty toward humans and Eldritch. Because of their number and their ability to blend in with humans by merely concealing their ears, the Elves were utilized heavily once the Gaiyans became involved in the Holy War. Their memories do not fade easily and given how long they live, the atrocities witnessed during such a time of violence are still fresh to many. Even so, since they are predominantly artisans and blacksmiths by trade, Elves are the most likely to venture out and mix with the other races to sell their premium grade wares. As a precaution, they keep their best weapons for themselves but may give or sell them to someone who manages to win their hard-trust. If an Elf's trust is won, they are the most loyal companions one can have.

It's rumored that a mixing of Gaiyan and Human blood from before the separation is what gave birth to the Elves, and because they could hear the cries of the earth, chose to seclude themselves with the elder race. As a consequence of this mixing, Elves run the biggest risk of corruption by human sinners and Eldritch, a danger that keeps them hypervigilant of how close they allow themselves to other races. Of the Gaiyans, Elves are the most willing to visit violence on those who threaten them or Gaiyans in general.


Sub-Species Information C4d8QuK

"Never answer a Fae's riddle, lest you be bound for all eternity to their whims."

Fae are a people of good-natured mischief and bright colors. They range in size from that of a small bird to a full-size human, though many can change between the sizes on command. They're energetic and curious sub-species that have colorful wings of various insect-like designs to take them on their exciting travels. They love to play games and try to trick people of all races and work hard not to take much seriously. However, they do take nature seriously, so being disrespectful to it will get you one angry pixie.

Creatures of Olde:

Sub-Species Information S34XxfF

"They might as well be gods themselves, for they're more nature than person."

This sub-species casts a wide net over beings otherwise unclassified. These are often creatures that exist closer to nature than any other sentient being, often appearing to consist of pure elements and spirit, and as such appear less humanoid in their natural states. This encompasses elementals, forest guardians, sea nymphs, leshen, nature spirits, and any other entity that the earth birthed directly from its most ancient magics. Creatures of Olde are considered the oldest species of Gaiyans and are well respected as living messengers of nature itself. They are looked to for wisdom in confusing times and for protection to keep both sacred sites and the leylines safe. It is extremely rare to see a Creature of Olde fall to Eldritch due to their strong connection with the earth.

Unbound Creatures of Olde, or those not conscripted to guarding a certain place or thing, are free to roam the world and offer nature's wisdom to all that will listen. They are the wise, monk-like beings that believe that the earth knows what it's doing and that both the good and the bad have their place in the grand scheme of things. Their passive, neutral stance on many things often makes them a mystery to Gaiyans and the rest of Vyldermire alike, but they are always interesting to deal with and naturally draw people in despite their supernatural appearances.


Sub-Species Information Hvlp9F1

"The light in their souls is so bright, the purest hero might go blind in their shadows."

Angels are like the holy knights of the Gaiyan race. Angels look just like humans do with a couple of exceptions. Most of them have fluffy wings made of soft feathers, and their skin has a shimmering effect in the brightest sunlight. Images of old depicted them with rings of gold around their heads, but they do not possess constant halos or holy crowns. Instead, when they feel a surge of pure emotion, their body will emit a bright glow.  

They are of pure hearts and souls and while many prefer to stay untempted to sin by keeping to purely Gaiyan areas, others aspire to be heroes to the masses and will head into the morally murky world to attempt to make it a better, purer place. They are generally confident in their abilities to protect the innocent and punish the deserving, as well as their ability to control themselves and their desires so they don't become demons. That said, the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows, and sometimes in the process of saving someone, they too come to need saving. They're quick to forgive and give second chances, and prayers to Fleuve’ir will cleanse them of their transgressions should they get too comfortable with human and Eldritch compromises. The more tainted they become, the dimmer their shimmer and glows will become. Graying wings are the last sign that an Angel needs to repent to Fleuve’ir. When an Angel renounces their faith entirely, they will become an Eldritch.

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Sub-Species Information Empty Re: Sub-Species Information

Post by Admin Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:06 pm


As the youngest of the races and often the most oppressed by humans and Eldritch alike, Anthros are said to have been born of the earth combining half of the planet's nature magic with the form of a man in an attempt to bridge the gap between human and Gaiyan. What was produced was a hybrid of sorts. These people look mostly human, except for the ears, tails, and sometimes claws and eyes of their more animalistic counterparts. Make no mistake, this sub-species is in no way half-animal or human-animal mixed. They are their own entity and hate the assumption that they exist as the unnatural combination of common animal and man. They can't transform into an animal form unless they develop the magic to do so.

Due to being enslaved in the past, Anthros are against any class system that might oppose its people and operate in equality as Gaiyans do. The only difference recognized amongst them is that some of the more headstrong Anthros have been blessed by a supernatural being specific to each sub-species. These blessed Anthros are labeled "Mythics", and are the only ones that can transform into the special mythical creature they've been blessed by as they choose. Most also choose to use their magic to make the most out of this Mythic change.


Sub-Species Information BWNFGqk

"Utter 'nyah!' in the presence of a Neko at your own risk,
for they will descend upon you like a bloodthirsty Inferior Vampire if you do."

The Nekos are a particularly proud sub-species with the ears, tails, and sometimes claws of cats. They are usually friendly enough, but have their guard up against humans and Eldritch, more so than other Anthro sub-species. While all Anthros were subject to being hunted or enslaved, there was a particular preference for Nekos, so they have become a bit warier. Nekos can also be moody and a little chaotic, going from energetic to lazing across a chair in mere minutes depending on the situation around them. Nothing will worsen their moods than when people meow at them or expect them to use cat sounds in their daily speech. Nekos find it deeply offensive.

Nekos that have Hellcat blood are naturally larger than most of their peers and possess wilder personalities. Natural elements will crackle through their hair and over their bodies, and should they take Mythic form, they'll appear as large cats partially formed from the elements they resonate with.


Sub-Species Information VyuFGAK

"A friend for life is only hard to come by because there aren't enough Inu people to go around."

Inu possess the ever expressive ears and tails spanning from regular dogs of all species to wolves. They can be stubborn and wear their hearts on their sleeves, but for the most part, they are relentlessly forgiving, unbendingly loyal, and fiercely protective of people accepted into their pack as well as all Anthros kind, even Nekos which have a tendency to annoy them. If you earn their trust, they'll do nearly anything you ask and never leave your side. Some of them could even learn a thing or two about personal space and boundaries. They are by far the easiest of the Anthros to befriend, but they don't take kindly to being confused for a werewolf.

The blessing of Amarok blood grants an Inu the form of a massive gray wolf that is faster and more ruthless than any normal wolf. The drawback is that, both in and out of Mythic form, Amarok Inus are naturally solitary and will either reject or keep to the fringe of a pack. They tend to be loners and quite intimidating to other Inu in appearance.


Sub-Species Information 5u3o63B

"Grabbing a Kitsune's tail without permission is the same as breaking a mirror; unfortunate and unlucky."

Sly, sleek, and coy, Kitsune are humanoids with perky fox ears and between one and eight fluffy tails. They excel at stealthy tasks and charming others with their smooth words and confidence unless they happen to be the more uncommon skittish and reclusive type.  There are some that will allow others to cuddle their beautiful tales, but they are less common than one might think, and consent is absolutely required, as it should be. A lot of Kitsune are assumed to be alluring, and while many naturally are, they hate being marginalized in this way.

Inari Messengers
Though regular Kitsune can have multiple tails, those who are Inari Messengers are the only ones to have nine tails. They have a natural communion with spirits and deities, often acting as the messenger that can slip stealthily through the veil between the living and the other side. In their Mythic forms, they will grow in size and gain unique markings of their favorite colors in their fur, and their feet and tails will seem to float off into a ghostly haze.


Sub-Species Information C1xTPfc

"Never underestimate a Lapin. What they lack in strength they make up for in number."

Though warrior Lapins exist, it's rather hard to look menacing with cute bunny ears and a cotton ball tail. They tend to come from large families and are typically smaller in stature than the other Anthros sub-species. Lapin tend to have a lot of energy, though they aren't very physically strong naturally. While generally cute, they have a surprisingly seductive side to them and are very fertile people, often giving birth to multiple babies at once. They cherish family above all else, even when there are so many that it throws them into chaos.

Moon Rabbit
Moon Rabbit Lapins tend to have soft features, gentle hearts, and have a natural affinity for healing which makes them wonderful doctors and nurses. They work best at night and gently glow in the light of the moon. The Moon Rabbit blessing comes with a natural knowledge of curative plants and herbs that can be made into medicines. In their Mythic form, they are larger than normal rabbits and gain the ability to sniff out the rarest and strongest of materials to use in their healings.


Sub-Species Information ZGuMoeo

"By wing and horn, Draconytes and Demonata appear two sides of the same coin,
yet Draconytes have not succumbed to sin."

Generally the physically largest and most intimidating looking off the Anthros, Draconytes can possess bat-like wings, horns, barbed tails, and patches of scales at random. The color of the scales is generally bright in color with the most common being red or green, making them rather colorful people. While they aren't cold-blooded as a regular lizard-like dragon would be, they do have a low tolerance of the cold and prefer climates that are warm year-round. Like their preferred climate they are usually hot-blooded in personality as well, being the first to act in most situations. They share the skies with the Avian, though they can't go very far in one trip due to the burden of their own weight. They are very solid in bone structure and musculature, so even the smallest of the Draconytes weigh nearly twice the amount of their human counterparts. Should a Draconyte try to carry someone while flying, the trip between breaks shortens even more.

Elder Dragon
Draconytes who have Elder Dragon blood are like old souls. Their dragon characteristics are uniquely darker versions of the usual colors or even possibly black and they possess aged wisdom that lends well to using the mind's strategies over raw, thoughtless power. their wingspans are also larger than their average counterparts. In their Mythic forms, it's said they can fly for days without getting tired, opening the world up to them and perhaps accounting for their vast wisdom.


Sub-Species Information BAlcyri

"The most beautiful sound I've ever heard came from the people more man than bird."

Avians are the lightest of the Anthro sub-species, possessing hollow bones so their wings can carry them long distances. In addition to feathery wings of various bird species, they possess sharp eyes and sometimes tail feathers and/or feathers around the ears. Some Avians are prone to molting once every month or two, which presents as cold-like symptoms and the loss but quick regain of feathers. Those affected by this are self-conscious of it and will avoid others until it's over. They also prefer to live in high places and adore singing and dancing.

The blessing of a Phoenix on an Avian shows in a couple of different ways. Phoenix Avians will naturally have feathers the color of the sun or the moon, and either red, blue, black, or white fire that licks over every feather at random. Their Mythic forms bestow upon them the fearsome image of a firebird larger than any natural bird. The main advantage of having Phoenix blood, though, is being unable to die. If a Phoenix Avian is killed in battle, their body will dissolve into a pile of ash, and from that, a large egg of unique design will form. In time it will hatch, returning them to life.

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Sub-Species Information Empty Re: Sub-Species Information

Post by Admin Tue Jan 26, 2021 10:25 pm


So you like our list of sub-species but you can't bring yourself to choose one, or you have an idea for a cool mix of two sub-species. Well that's okay because you can do so - within reason!


Sub-Species Information L9xHGTc

All the races can mix in one way or another, with only a few specific exceptions, based on background and lore.

Vampires & Gaiyans
Regardless of whether they come together with a vampire and a Gaiyan cannot bear children as it is physically impossible. Gaiyan blood is toxic to vampires and as such the mixing of their DNA has very tragic and unsuccessful results.

Those are the only two that cannot intermingle to create new life, however, there is one further clause to breeding between races.

Elritch & Gaiyans
Other than Vampires, Gaiyans and other kinds of Eldritch can bear children. However, the child will not be born as a mix of the two but will always, under any circumstance, be born as an Eldritch. No one knows why this strange phenomenon occurs, but this is how it is. Gaiyan and Eldritch cannot under any circumstance bear Gaiyan children.

It is worth noting that whilst some are accepting of Hybrids, for the most part, Hybrids, often nicknamed 'Half-breed' or 'Half-bloods' are very rarely accepted by their counterparts. Due to residual animosity between races, they have to work even harder than most to be accepted by those around them. The only exception to this being Gaiyans and Anthros, who can breed freely without judgement.

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