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Delfina Rubio Empty Delfina Rubio

Post by Delfina Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:19 pm

Delfina Rubio


Alias/Nicknames: The Wandering Witch
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Witch
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Straight
Age: 24 / 5 April
Alighment: Rogue
Faction: Factionless


Delfina is a true epicurean. She enjoys life to the fullest extent. She has no grand ambitions to reach for. As she seeks to enjoy simple pleasures of life. Her motivations are all within her control. Things outside of her control are things she does not worry about, she will face those when the time comes with the means that arm her against the present. Delfina has little need for luxury, her uncle had always lived a humble and minimal life, which she emulated. Although she does really prefer a good bed with puffy pillows stuffed with fluff, over her woolen bedroll that join her on all her travels.

People that meet Delfina might assume she is a slacker or lazy but nothing is further from the truth. Delfina does not like haste, when you are hasty your mind is in the future and not in the present and it is the present that you live. Life is like a dance or a song, it's not the ending that matters but the feeling during dance or song. Every moment should be savored. Although Delfina's song, or dance, can be rather chaotic.

Delfina a joyful character, full of positivity, even in dire moments. Although she can sometimes come over as pessimistic as she is not exactly optimistic. Delfina also cherishes all life, to such an extent that she does not eat meat. She tries to help people in need and other living beings as well as she can.

Delfina was born from a union of two witches. Her mother, Melisandre, had been seduced by her father to abandon her humanity to become a witch as well. After that, she had never been the same, magic and power did not fill the void that had been created. Delfina, when she was born, neither filled that hole. Melisandre walked into the sea, never to be seen again when she was two years old. Her uncle assumed that Melisandre was dead and hired adventurers to bring Delfina to him as he did not want the monster responsible for his beloved sister's death to raise his niece.

Delfina's uncle, Davos, was a scholar on the Avalon Islands and raised her on that island. Davos raised her as well as he would have raised any natural daughter. He did allow her to practice her magic, taught her his philosophy to treat all well and to cherish life. sympathizing with the Others was often not appreciated but Delfina does not care what others think of her. The people around her simply thought she was a human mage, Davos was careful to give not away her identity as a witch for the fear of a witchhunt.

Delfina was attacked by a Tigerear when she was 16 years old when she was exploring the woods. She managed to get away with just the scars where its claws mauled her, she would have been dead if it was not for a party of adventurers that managed to chase the beast away and heal her wounds. The Tigerear still stalks her dreams from time to time, at such times her scars burn.

Delfina left her uncle's house when she was 23, to explore the world.


Sore back

Delfina's goal is to live in accordance with Nature. She also wishes to help the less fortunate.

Key Fear/Adversary:
Delfina is afraid of tigerears after a very close encounter with a Tigerear on Avalon when she was 16. That very Tigerear still haunts her dreams.


Height: 1.57 m
Body Type: Chubby
Hair: Long curly auburn hair
Eyes: Slate blue
Skin Tone: Light and sprinkled with freckels

Overall Appearance:

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Delfina Rubio Empty Re: Delfina Rubio

Post by Iris Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:07 am


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Delfina Rubio Empty Re: Delfina Rubio

Post by Iris Thu Jun 03, 2021 11:24 am

Unlocked and moved per user's request.

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