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Fun and Games [Quest].

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Fun and Games [Quest]. Empty Fun and Games [Quest].

Post by Yuji Shimaru Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:37 am

If asked, Yuji could say that he likes children the most. They are simple, creative and just fun to be around. They don't ask silly questions that adults do and, even if the serpent is hyper, they know what he means from his half-finished speeches. It's truly a joy being around them.

What is less enjoyable about them, is their squishiness. Children are weak, should be protected in their home but, for some reason, they always end up doing something completely against anyone's survival instinct. This then leads to giving a headache to everyone involved.

And, unfortunately, Yuji is involved in one such case, though, for a price. Really, it's the oldest story in the book. A child, a boy, lost in the woods. The mother, of course, is concerned out of her mind and wants her baby boy back, safe and sound. They requested the guild and Yuji were free at that moment. On top of that, he had a wonderful ability to track creatures by their scent. Perfect for such a task, really.

With a stuffed dragon in hand, he arrived at the place the mother had described as where he was seen last time. There was a swing nearby, a pile of sand with what seemed like remains of sand-cakes (he tried them once and was quite disappointed that they didn't actually taste like cakes) and footprints from all the children that had been playing here over the time.

"Time to work." The male's split tongue slithered out to taste scent from the toy, then do so in the surrounding area. This, for sure, was a favoured spot for, both, children and teenagers, as the amount of hormones were...Intense. The child's scent was relatively new and, such, Yuji had no problems picking it out amongst the others. As expected, it went inside the forest but there wasn't anything else that would suggest why? Should he be worried?

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Yuji Shimaru
Yuji Shimaru

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Fun and Games [Quest]. Empty Re: Fun and Games [Quest].

Post by Yuji Shimaru Fri Apr 02, 2021 11:34 am

There was no real path, Yuji slithering past tightly grown bushes and trees. For a while the lost boy's scent was alone, ignoring everything that you would expect to sense in a forest, but after some time a strange, unrecognized scent joined. He could tell that the child went from excited to terrified once the new being started trailing him. Regarding this new being, there was a certain degree of glee and maliciousness in him.

This continued for a while. By then, though, the boy's scent and the new one were pretty much mixed. Yuji guessed that whatever this thing was, it had captured the child and now was dragging him somewhere. The man even managed to find some footprints but, while ones were obviously child's, the other ones...Barefooted adult? But a really light one. Yuji honestly didn't know.

Then, suddenly, the air got rotten. For anyone with a regular nose, it may feel as if the air had gotten stiff but for Yuji and his tongue, it was like walking in a week old mass grave. Sadness, misery, pain and death had soaked in the bushes, trees, grass, even the soil itself.

Without thinking much he triggered a tiny mark on his arm to burst in flames. A tiny fire elemental appeared next to him, making happy noises before freezing as if it could feel the same thing as its owner. Yuji smiled at the whipsie apologetically, "Sorry Sol! I know this is nasty but I have a feeling I will need backup." The tiny one seemed determent, trying to blow itself up as big, as possible. Which wasn't a lot.

While all that was adorable and cute, Yuji soon sombred up upon noticing something that looked like a tiny hut with an attached pigpen of some sort, if one could call the twig fence like that. In it, he spotted not only his quest target but two other children as well, all dirty with torn up clothing. The three of them were guarded by, what seemed like, tiny twighorns.

Yuji didn't really have time to soak up the situation, as both of them turned to the intruders, growling at them. One went and spat a fireball at the man, while the other one went for a straight-out attack. He barely dodged it, retaliating with a barrage of fireballs of his own.

The beasty that went to attack melee didn't get particularly far as dark red [Hellfire] enveloped its body. Meanwhile, after Yuji's fireballs dealt some damage to the aggressive twighorn, he finished it with a solid cut with his claws. By then Sol had finished off their enemy.

He didn't waste time getting to the kids, though, it did make him stop when he noticed that the twighorns they have been fighting had their eyes gauged, replaced with white pebbles. Noting this to himself, the man checked if none of the children was hurt before picking them up and bolting away from the strange, strange place. He was coming back here only with backup.

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Yuji Shimaru
Yuji Shimaru

Rank : Novice
VylderGold : 2230
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