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We Can Pretend Empty We Can Pretend

Post by Hans Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:35 pm

In the beginning, there was just one. One universe. One set of people. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as everyone went about their own business, unaware that a force was seeking something new. The Gambino family, unwilling to accept their reality, pushed beyond the boundaries of science and magic to reach where none dared. With their reach created new universes, new sets of people, new circumstances. Each new universe held its own set of rules and were just as different from each other as the versions of people. The Gambino family used this to their advantage and let their criminal activities fall into these new universes. Removing any other version of themselves, they created new holds within each universe with the intention of bringing in even more cash...a shame the multi-verse has other plans...
But we can pretend otherwise.

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