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Nicholas Erobern Blocallen Empty Nicholas Erobern Blocallen

Post by Nicholas Erobern Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:10 am



Alias/Nicknames: -//-
Race: Eldrich.
Sub-species: Vampire/Pureblood.
Gender / Sexuality: Male/Gay.
Age: 412 years.
Alighment: AG.
Faction: Velvet Reign.


Personality: Nicholas is a manipulative sociopath with a tendency of testing the limits of what he can do to other people. People from his human past would tell you that he was a sweet, talented, young man. He showed respect to his elders, never raised his voice, never got in trouble, as well as, had best manners.

Now it sort of applied for Nicholas. He was still hardworking and diligent, polite towards other vampires, as well as, other races. The vampire, though, possessed a much shorter fuse. It was easy to annoy him and, if one seemed weak in his eyes, they can prepare themselves to be played with or disregarded as trash.

As one would imagine, the Erobern doesn’t do relationships, platonic or romantic. They have always proved to be a weakness that only the strong could afford. And, while he may act tough, Nicholas has never felt truly strong.

The male’s face is layered with masks, one after another, and it’s hard to tell when he is honest and when he lies. For some, it may even seem that Nicholas himself doesn’t know when he’s honest, and when he isn’t. If you would ask the vampire about that he would just shrug, asking if everyone isn’t like that? Because...Does anyone really like genuine people?

History: Nicholas’s human life wasn’t the longest but even from early days his parents knew the boy will be special. And that wasn’t hard as he started exhibiting magic before even surviving his first year in Mirinah. Things being set on fire, objects floating in the air, small spirits lurking around, all that became the everyday life of Eroberns.

As you can imagine, a family of commoners wasn’t the most perfect environment for a child with magic bursting from his tiny body. Around the age of seven, Nicholas started getting violently sick and his magic was starting to act aggressively to its surrounding. Lost in what to do the couple turned to the local magic academy that was training mages to boost then still on-going war efforts. Before Eroberns had avoided any mages in fear that they will want to take away their boy but, if they could help, they rather lose him like this, rather than him dying.

Fortunately, the mages knew what was wrong, Nicholas’s young body wasn’t built to handle as much magic, as he had at that point. They helped by draining part of it off and soon the young boy was back on his feet. What followed next was weeks of academy mages visits, them trying to convince the parents to give away their son so he could study with them. In the end, they broke, letting Nicholas go there if they promised he will be allowed to visit his family weekly.

Years passed by, the war continued and by age of 19, he had achieved the same power mages in their late fifties had. By then, though, it seemed that he had reached his limit. All he had to do now was spend years studying if the boy wanted to grow. So, it was no wonder Nicholas decided to stay at the academy as a teacher’s assistant. Aside from some basic spells, his magic wasn’t really combat oriented, anyway.

He was 19 when a group of vampires, led by an elder vampire, attacked their tower. Yes, it was full of capable mages but most of them had little combat experience if any. Those specialized in that field had been sent to bolster the war efforts. Many died that night. Some came back turned. Nicholas was one of them.

Can’t say that many things changed after he was turned. While it was an adjustment to get used to, he learned there were many, many perks to being a vampire. Even more for him as the boy was turned by an elder. Nicholas would be lying if he said that he didn’t enjoy it.

Becoming a vampire removed certain moral obligations that, one could say, made the young Erobern a good person. Dark magic wasn’t taboo anymore, as well as, he could experiment with life and death as much as he wanted. Vampirism gave its own set of abilities that Nicholas quickly found how to improve with his knowledge in magic.

As the time for the Battle of Otenshire grew closer he too took a more active part in the Great Holy war. Global enchantments, armies of the dead, monsters that should have not existed, he made it all as the war provided him with enough resources.

At the same time, Nicholas still avoided the battlefield. Yes, his vampire powers made the male more sturdy but it didn’t really matter when you would see mages firing fire and lightning from the sky. He was fine in his lab.

During the Battle of Otenshire, though, there was a need for Blocallen’s presence. He needed to cast a wide range withering spell. One that would be written in history books if he had ever managed to actually cast it. As you can already guess, he didn’t.

They had set a camp overlooking the battlefield when an assassin appeared, cutting down his guards left and right. What happened to this person, Nicholas couldn’t tell as he was quickly decapitated.

A wizard is one who prepares and the vampire had prepared in case he may have died. Borrowing ideas from alchemy, he created a blood doll that would receive his soul in case his body would become unusable. Unfortunately, it was then when the wretched magic nullifying spell was cast, freezing his soul in limbo. Only after the peace treaty was made, he resurrected.

Nicholas was quite furious about how things ended, especially, because he did die shortly before that. The war was over, new rules had been made and his experiments suddenly became taboo between creatures that should have been free from any moralities, to begin with. The blood mage wasn’t amused.

But there was nothing he could do at that point. Nicholas realized this wasn’t something he could solve in weeks but time, of all things, was on his side. So, he had been planning, plotting and preparing for all this time. His experiments had been subtle and to the public eyes, Nicholas was a well-adjusted pureblood vampire, member of Velvet Reign. No one needed to know about children stolen in the night, gaiyans dissected on his table or the new lab that was installed in his underground complex. What everyone saw were the charity balls he hosted, fancy parties the vampire attended, donations he made, as well as, his recent activity in Adventurer’s Guild.

Nicholas was a good citizen.

Likes: Money, Knowledge, Power, Pleasure.

Dislikes: Showing Weakness, Being Denied, Dead End Situations, Being Wrong.

Goal/Aspiration: To have free reign in his hunt for knowledge and power. Currently, it meant throwing the world back into the war.

Key Fear/Adversary: That he will be truly stopped.


Body Type: Slim.
Hair: Black, length can be altered.
Eyes: Red.
Skin Tone: Purple-ish.

Overall Appearance:
Public Appearance (Velvet Reign, in most cities etc.):

Vampire Pureblood:
Nicholas Erobern
Nicholas Erobern

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Nicholas Erobern Blocallen Empty Re: Nicholas Erobern Blocallen

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:00 pm


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