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Dio Empty Dio

Post by Dio Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:45 am


❖ General ❖

Alias/Nicknames ❖ Dio
Race ❖ Hybrid
Sub-Species ❖ Half Demonata, quarter Elf, quarter Draconyte
Gender / Sexuality ❖ Male // Demisexual
Age ❖ 19
Alignment ❖ Rogue
Faction ❖ N/A

❖ Personality ❖

Quiet ❖ Dio thinks carefully about what he says before speaking and is a man of few words.
Ruthless ❖ Dio won't attack others on purpose, but if the need arises to defend himself, he will kill if necessary. When he is being verbally or physically attacked, he becomes like a cornered wild animal and will fight ferally for his life.
Lonely ❖ Dio holds himself at arms length from others on purpose. Beyond basic greetings and small talk, he won't reveal information about himself. He desperately wants to get to know people but is afraid of being taken advantage of or reverting to the violent nature of his Demonata blood.
Mysterious ❖ Since Dio doesn't speak much about himself or get close to people, he can come off as quite mysterious.
Crass ❖ Growing up in a harsh environment, Dio cares little for being polite. He often swears and is viciously blunt.
Soigné ❖ Now that he's an adult, Dio takes diligent care of his appearance. Looking clean and well-groomed is something that brings him peace. Often he will spend hours brushing out and styling his long hair.
Control Freak ❖ If Dio is not in control or loses control of a situation he will panic and become aggressive to regain control. This is a result of being so powerless and helpless as a child.

❖ History ❖

Dio was born into slavery. His mother was a young Draconyte-Elf hybrid who had been enslaved along with other first and second generation hybrids under the hand of a Higher Demon named Korzon. These hybrids were used to operate a mine near The Shambles that processed ore to sell around the Outer Realm. Korzon wasn't kind to his slaves in the slightest. They suffered horrendous abuse at his hands, all while being worked to the bone underground. When Dio was only 5, his mother was killed by the Higher Demon. Before her death, she told him of the horrors she had experienced, relaying details that shook the boy to his core. She revealed that Korzon was actually his father, not by any choice of hers.

Korzon had another son, Izai, that was pure Demonata. He loathed Dio despite not knowing they were half brothers. Of all the racism and abuse Dio experienced as he grew up, the majority and the worst of it was from Izai. It was as if the Demonata was trying to win their father's favor by showing how cruel he could be. Beating Dio down made him feel powerful. Once Dio was older, he confronted Izai at last, standing up against the years of abuse he had suffered. He revealed that they were half brothers and fought Izai off before escaping. He's been on the run from Izai since.

❖ Likes ❖

Birds ❖ Dio loves the songs of birds and thinks they're adorable
Tea ❖ Tea is a calming way to start the day
Skincare and Haircare Products ❖ Dio is obsessed with having the best quality products for his body and will do anything to get them
Meeting New People ❖ Despite his cold and mysterious demeanor, Dio actually enjoys meeting new people and observing the curious beings of the world

❖ Dislikes ❖

Family ❖ Dio hates his father and half brother with a passion
Abuse ❖ Dio suffered much abuse at the hands of his family and other Demonata. He finds himself exhibiting the same behaviors, resulting in severe self-loathing
Untidy Appearance ❖ Dio hates looking like a mess
Hybrid ❖ Dio hates that his horns and ears give away the fact that he's a hybrid. He just wants to blend in

❖ Goal/Aspiration ❖ Dio wants to find somewhere to belong, a difficult task for a hybrid. He doesn't care the kind of people he aligns with as long as they accept him.

❖ Key Fear/Adversary ❖ Dio fears death. He's manage to claw his way through life this far and wants to live long enough to experience something better, something worth it.

❖ Appearance ❖

Height ❖ 6’0”
Body Type ❖ Lean, fit
Hair ❖ White / Blue
Eyes ❖ Baby blue
Skin Tone ❖ Pale

❖ Overall Appearance ❖
Being a hybrid, Dio unfortunately bears the more prominent features of the species in his blood, making him a prime target for anti-hybrid racism. Spiky horns grow from his head in a blue color and the tips of his ears are pointed, both features passed down from his mother. A Demonata mark lies in the center of his forehead that he uses makeup to cover whenever he can. Due to these features, Dio wears an elegant hooded cloak to hide his head.


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Dio Empty Re: Dio

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Tue Mar 30, 2021 12:38 pm


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