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Guardian Knights of the Realm

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Guardian Knights of the Realm Empty Guardian Knights of the Realm

Post by Admin Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:47 am

Guardian Knights of the Realm 6FXhhNS

Guardian Knights were a council of powerful individuals in Vyldermire, tasked with the job of protecting the realm of the Vyderlmire from potential threats. They are tasks with running the Adventurers Guild, overseeing the commons realms nobility as well as liasing with the monarchs of sin and the free land councils.

There are six slots for Guardian Knights, at present it is not possible to apply for a position but rather you have to be chosen. This is to ensure that the position is not misused or immediately abandoned. To maintain the site's balance, only two members of the Guardian Knights can be dark. The others muse be neutrally or lawfully inclined.

The Guardian Knights


Minimum Requirements
‣ 5,000 Rep


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