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Yuji's Quest Tracker

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Yuji's Quest Tracker Empty Yuji's Quest Tracker

Post by Yuji Shimaru Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:14 am

Mission's nameExp gainedVG gainedItems GainedItem TotalExp Total
Slime Hunt+75 Exp+500 VG+6 slime residue6 slime residue75 Exp
Expensive Taste+55 Exp+500 VG//-//6 slime residue130 Exp
Fun and Games.+45 Exp+500 VG//-//6 slime residue175 Exp
[td]Link to reviewed mission[/td]
[td]Exp gained[/td]
[td]VG gained[/td]
[td]Items gained[/td]
[td]Item Total[/td]
[td]Exp Total[/td]
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