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Common Realm Positions

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Common Realm Positions Empty Common Realm Positions

Post by Admin Mon 18 Jan 2021 - 10:47

Common Realm Positions P5muZ2Y

King of Commons



Minimum Requirements
‣ 5,000 Rep
‣ Must be a Human


Noble Houses


Lyndon Port


Open, with approval of character concept by @Iris / @Cassian

The du Villanell family has been nobles for several generations now. They are very wealthy and well known in the Mirinah Region as the shrewdest of businessmen. Their claim to fame and the source of their massive wealth is in the shipping industry. Not only do they build the biggest and highest quality ships for the private consumer and smaller trading company alike to purchase and use, but they also deal in trading as well and lead the pack. Essentially, the du Villanells made Lyndon Port what it is today and command much respect from citizens in Vyldermire.

Current Members:
Pollux du Villanell (Patriarch, 50, OPEN): He's a silent man who only speaks when it'll serve him in some way. He's not particularly cold or anything, he just doesn't seem to have much to say. Most of his communication is in his facial features, which are expressive enough to show whether he's pleased or not with what's going on. His upbringing was one of restraint and professionalism, so he's a workaholic that puts his job before his own personal desires. Despite having so much wealth, he's more inclined to save it or put it back into the business than constantly spend it on himself.

Cassandra du Villanell (Mother, 47, OPEN): The opposite of her husband, Cassandra, or Cassie, is a vibrant and flamboyant woman. She almost never quits talking and has an extensive gossip network throughout the Mirinah Region. She's the one in charge of hosting guests and loosening up potential clients before Pollux comes in to seal the deal. She loves to throw a good party as well as shop, and loves her children fiercely. They know she does, too. However, when they mess up, she doesn't hesitate to smack them upside the head and correct them.

Cassian du Villanell (Wayward Heir, 26, @Cassian ): As the eldest child of the du Villanells, Cassian is expected to take over the Estate and family businesses one day. However, the man has currently all but rejected ties to his noble family in favor of living his own life by his own rules. He wants to make his own money without his family's help, not that he won't accept a handout here and there when he's in trouble from his mother, whom he's named after. He inherited her spending habits and then some, so he is hardly the money conscious, business smart man his father is. As far as his father is concerned, Cassian is spoiled and has so far underachieved in every way, which frustrates him since he knows his son possesses the potential to be as shrewd as he is in business and his mother's friendly nature to charm clients. Though they don't argue often, drawing constant frowns out of his father was more than enough to send him running. He hasn't counted out going back one day, once he can say he was his own man and chose to take up the mantle.

Pierce du Villanell (Brother, OPEN): N/A

Amberlin du Villanell (Sister, OPEN): N/A

Anastasia du Villanell (Sister, OPEN): N/A




Open, with approval of character concept by @Victoria Draconis

The Draconis are nobles who rule in Miriad, and are made up of a mixture of Draconyte, Humans, and Hybrids. They act as protectors of the Anthros race, and hold great power despite their unexpected bloodline.

They were the first family of Anthros who rose from the rank of a commoner into power, and were created through the wedded of Vykandir, a powerful Draconyte with Elder Dragon Blood, to Seriana, the human daughter of a noble family. The newly created clan took the name Draconis, and accepted all families from both Vykandir’s and Seriana’s lines into their fold, so long as they accepted the Draconis line as the new head. Having first proved themselves almost a hundred years after the Holy War, the family has spent the last hundred and fifty accumulating great power.

The Draconis is a family that values strength and honor, and what they lack in wealth they make up for with their powerful army of Anthros soldiers. Viscount Draconis, a title which to this day is still held by Vycandir, hopes for peace, but endeavors to prepare Anthros to avoid being taken advantage of as they were in the past.


Vykandir Draconis (Viscount, Draconyte, 310, CLOSED): He is a strong and honorable man whom acts as a living embodiment of all things Draconyte. Valuing Honor, Power, and Peace above all Vykandir is the first to offer a hand of friendship. That being said, having been born long enough ago to remember the Holy War, he knows the dangers all Anthros still face, and he is quick to rise in defense of the race, and is always prepared to fight should Humans or Eldritch once more strike. Vykandir is willing to accept almost anyone into his halls, so long as they prove themselves, and sees no distinction between Hybrids and other Anthros. He will not accept insult to anyone he has offered such protection to.
The Elder Dragon blood within Vykandirs veins has done well to keep him alive long enough to see Drakonis rise to the position they now hold, but more and more his age starts to were on him, many fear he does not have many cycles left, especially with the unstable nature of dragon blood.

Seriana Draconis (Matriarch, Human, 92, DECEASED): Seriana was always called a kind, but strong woman. Willing to do what was needed in a time of great change she married Vykandir, and for many years ruled as his hand holding just as much authority as the man himself. Having passed only two decades prior there are many still within the halls with dragon blood whom remember her well.

‘Krix’ Draconis (Original Heir, Hybrid, 99, DECEASED): Krix’ Draconis (Original Heir, Hybrid, 105, DECEASED): Krix was the first born to Seriana and Vykandir and for many years lived as the true heir to the household. He embodied everything Vykandir hoped to pass on, power and honor, strength but kindness. His passing in the last year while on an expedition for the family was a shock to all, the details of which are still greatly unknown, with many still searching for greater understand.

Victoria ‘Tori’ Draconis (Current Heir, Hybrid, 73, CLOSED): With Krix’s passing the title of heir was passed onto Victoria as the second born child to Seriana and Vykandir. She, unlike her brother, was not raised with the intention of ruling the clan and was instead taught to fight, and protect, and to value that of passion. At the time of her ascension, she was captain of the Families personal guard, and head of its armies, a role which suited her much better than the one she now finds herself in.

Aurora Draconis( Sister, Hybrid, 53, OPEN): Aurora is a bit of a patinate youth, having stepped up to fill in the void left by Victoria’s rise to heir she has thrived as the captain of the noble families forces.

‘Saphi’ Draconis (Aunt, Draconyte, ???, OPEN): The most well know sibling of Vykandir, and the first to accept a place at his side within the Draconis line. Her and her offspring make up the major branch family.

A’don (Half-Brother, Draconyte, OPEN) : Son of Vykandir, but not Seriana, half brother to Krix, Victoria, and Aurora

Other Members:
Branch Family : When the Draconis name was created, and after a bit of strife most of Vykandir and Seriana’s siblings would be accepted into the fold, and take on the new royal title. This means that with approval a character can be accepted who is not part of the main family, but can be of any combination of Human and Draconyte blood. These Brach families would be expected to uphold the Draconis line, and honor at all times, whether or not the Dragon Blood with within them.

Illegitimate Family : It is not uncommon for nobles to have other offspring, even less so for that of Draconyte Blood. It is entirely possible for someone to have been born to Vykandir, but not to Seriana. There is at least one well known example of this already known to the family. These Family Members would not share the Draconis name, but would still be accepted within the family as Vykandir’s children. In almost all cases these would be pure Draconyte children, as Vykandir took it as a spot of pride for Seriana to be the only human he ever loved.

Other : It is possible for other characters to have a connection to the Draconis household. Whether this be through a connection with its armies, or having been accepted by Viscount Vykandir as an Anthros he as offered protection. In all cases these characters would not count as nobility upon creation, but detailed concepts can come on a case by case basis.



Minimum Requirements
‣ Human or Anthros - 2,500 Rep
‣ Hybrids (must be mixed with Human) - 5,000 Rep


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