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Obsidian Isles Details

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Obsidian Isles Details Empty Obsidian Isles Details

Post by Admin Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:40 am

Obsidian Isles Details

The Obsidian Isles houses the only other Monarch in the Mirinah Region, the Monarch of Gluttony. It is only reachable by sea, sporting a small port on its south-western side for transport and supply ships sent from Deathrock Wharf. Unlike the healthy forest terrain on the opposite side of the sea, the Obsidian Isles is a severe landscape of sharp rocks battered by choppy waves and chilly winds. In the center is a soaring dark castle from which the Monarch of Gluttony reigns. There are very few places on the island where the rock has weathered enough to form small dips that catch dirt. It is here where some soft grasses and a few trees can grow, but otherwise, it's all crags, coves, and caves.

While the Eldritch in general worship the void, the belief system is much more intensely observed in Obsidian Isles. Bordering on the radical, it's rumored that the caves beneath the island hold the darker of Void Ceremonies like sacrifices, which isn't too common outside of this isolated area. On the secondary island to the west, it's said that belief in the void spawned from the smooth black stone there. As such, some consider it a mecca and will make yearly treks to evaluate their exchanges and whether their scales have balanced.

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