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Syrinx Empty Syrinx

Post by Syrinx Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:35 am



Alias/Nicknames: Syry, Syr.
Race: Gaiyan.
Sub-species: Dryad.
Gender / Sexuality: Female, Demisexual.
Age: 20 / 7th July
Alighment: Adventurers Guild.
Faction: N/A.


Personality: Unlike what many would get to believe, Syrinx is quite the social bird when she is not trying to bonk you for getting too close to her tree (quite difficult as she is a nomad now). They question everything and anything, carrying a youthful energy and a harmonious tone.

However, as naive as she can be at times, Syrinx proves herself cautious enough around anyone that isn't a Gaiyan, an habit grown from her usually defensive attitude when encountering strangers or travelers. It's uncommon to find the Dryad keeping herself on one spot, constantly bouncing from area to area. Riches are to be gathered, knowledge is to be found, power has to be earned, fairly concious such desires can be a dangerous path for her, only to be used for good and to find the reason she begun her journey for.

It's hard to get under her skin, incapable of holding a quarrel for too long. Friends are easy to make, yet to hold to or go beyond 'just friends' tends to be a step she hasn't much explored yet. However, the people she labelled 'So dumb they are cute' tend to be the closest to such kind of interest she ever had.

History: "By protecting my tree, I protect myself." That was all Syrinx could think of since the blessing of life was granted upon her. Day and night, she rested on the same tree, with it's beautiful flowers adorning her locks of hair and granting  shade to rest from the sunrays.

"Do you plan to stay bound to this forest, to your tree, for as long as you can breathe?" Did the ancient tree ask. It wasn't her tree, no. This was a friend, the only one ready to grant conversation to her. Humans were more than likely to run or not pester the horned woman, confused for a Demonata more often than not. A fun hobby: false sense of hostility to keep the curious from getting too close to her tree.

"Why of course. What else am I to do?" She answered as their friend pondered furthermore on the situation.

"What if to protect your tree, you had to leave it. Would you?" Did the tree question, earning a frown from the Dryad.

"Are you hiding something from me right now?" Defensive, she replied, uneasy with the strange questioning.

"No, I wish to reveal something to you."

The tree gave insight on their condition, on a magical affliction that cursed it's branches and drained it from the life granted by nature. Something unholy, cursed, which was meant to bring the end to the old bark. Yet the end of it's cycle would mean the beginning of another: the one of her very own tree. Could they not find a means to heal him, then, the loss of her tree would be guaranteed.

Syrinx armed herself of valour, and a branch of what symbolized her life. Plucking a leaf from her old friend, the dryad departed of the forests, grimace crawling through her spine with every step done away from her tree, each instinct wanted to pull her back to it, but, the circumstances called to get out of her own comfort-zone, and step into the world of Humans, Eldritch and Anthros, to battle in desperation for her life, to earn friends and knowledge. Most importantly, to find a concept of what living truly is.

Such was the wish of the tree that deceived the naive dryad: to experience life as it is, beyond the boundaries of her isolation, of her tree. To search for a cure to a non-existant threat, for by the time she comes back, they would be a new person, for better or worse.


  • Apples and anything related to Apples.

  • Positivity

  • Musicians, specially flute players.


  • Bullies.

  • Shameless sinners.

  • Fire.

Goal/Aspiration: To find a cure for whatever afflicts her old friend, and avoid such predicament to fall upon her. To bring redemption to those who sin.

A part of her, however, wants to take on this opportunity to find more about her own broken legacy, and the reason behind the blurry dreams she keeps having.

Key Fear/Adversary: Falling prey to temptation and sin, be it herself, or those she will come to meet and bond with.


Height: 5'0
Body Type: Pear-shape
Hair: Blueberry
Eyes: Magenta
Skin Tone: Light

Overall Appearance:

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Syrinx Empty Re: Syrinx

Post by Iris Mon Mar 22, 2021 4:50 am


Syrinx QRmoaKI

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Syrinx Empty Re: Syrinx

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:21 pm


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Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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