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Yuji Shimaru Empty Yuji Shimaru

Post by Yuji Shimaru Sun Mar 21, 2021 8:37 pm



Alias/Nicknames: -//-
Race: Gaiyan.
Sub-species: Creatures of Olde.
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Gay.
Age: 20 years old.
Alighment: Adventurers Guild.
Faction: -//-


Personality: Yuji is a energetic boy with passion for exploring new places and learning new things. Because of the uneventful memories he had everything causes wonder, as well as, amazement in the gaiyan. For him it's hard to stay in one place long, be tied down or even responsible for something. For the foreseeable future his only goal is to have fun, play hard and, maybe, learn how to create a big, big fireball.

That doesn't mean, though, that he is evil. Mischievous, yes. Mean, rarely. And only if you have been mean to the boy first. He definitely won't stand by if someone is getting hurt, as well as, you can get him to help out if it doesn't ask a lot out of Yuji. He will always have time to spare for an adventure. It's harder to manage to convince the gaiyan to do any routine tasks. The male has a hard time focusing on one thing for a long time, especially, if it's something repetitive.

Upon seeing something he really likes, a shiny treasure, a pretty accessory, or a cute boy, you bet he will do his best to claim them. That has gotten Yuji in some problematic situations, as well as, depleted the male's finances. If someone smarter would pick this up they could probably find a way to manipulate the greedy serpent.

History: Yuji's life started upon the end of two. What brought a creature of olde, injured and weak, to meet a simple farm boy, no one will ever know. Though, the gaiyan is convinced that whatever killed the mighty spirit of nature, also killed the human. No matter, both passed away without even leaving a name to be remembered by but what magic was left in the giant creature passed to the human's body, changed, and gave existence to Yuji, a creature with ancient aura but a newborn mind.

One could imagine the amount of confusion Yuji went through at first, wandering the nearby forests and mountains. Thanks to the memory fragments of the deceased human he found a way to the small farmhouse he used to live in. There the infant gaiyan had time in arranging his thoughts, as well as, come to peace with what he was.

After picking up the little possessions the farmer had Yuji left for the closest city. There was no desire to stay in a place that really wasn't his house, with memories that will probably never feel like his own. It took little time, some traveling, and a bunch of mishaps for the horned serpent to start feeling comfortable in his own skin. Thanks to some basic knowledge possessed by the human the gaiyan was able to fit in, even if with some early difficulties. Upon discovering the first signs that he possessed magic Yuji was more than excited to try it out. The chicken with burnt feathers was less happy.

After some time he started to run out of Vyldergold. That was no surprise, a poor orphan farmer couldn't have saved much throughout their short life. Problem was, Yuji had no skills but primitive farming knowledge, muscle strength, and some magic he had problems controlling. Not the best combination for a flourishing career. This is why he ended up joining Adventurer Guild. Money. Yuji needed money.

Likes: Creating, travel, shiny/pretty-stuff (including boys).

Dislikes: Small spaces, "boring" tasks (cleaning, paperwork, monotonous tasks), being told that he can't have/do something.

Goal/Aspiration: To learn as much about the world and its secrets. Maybe snag a boyfriend on his way as well.

Key Fear/Adversary: Yuji is quite naive and could be easily manipulated by someone clever enough.


Height: 5'11 ft. (180 cm).
Body Type: Slim with defined muscles.
Hair: Long, white, sometimes braided.
Eyes: Human-like, blue irises. When angry or excited they gain snake properties, change to amber or red while the whites turn pitch black.
Skin Tone: Slightly tanned. Iridescent scales cover sides of the face, arms, legs and back, as well as, sides of his neck.

Overall Appearance: Yuji counts as tall for human standards with lean but muscled built. His skin has a light tan from the many hours spent in the sun, iridescent scales covering various parts of the boy's body. To the touch, they almost seem like coming from some sort of large fish. That notion is amplified by a long serpent's tail that ends with fish-like fins. On it, the scales still have the beautiful sheen but are denser and seem to be made from gold. Even if it's not real gold, people still have tried pulling some out in hopes of getting richer. Yuji was not amused.

The gaiyan also sports a pair of small antlers, bird-like claws, as well as, pointed ears. The boy has two sets of sharp fangs and split snakes tongue for tasting air. In most cases, he chooses flowy, free clothing over anything else, though, he has been toying with the idea of armor for a while. Bright clothing is Yuji's go-to, even if it makes him stand out even more than he does already. The boy loves decorating himself with jewelry, even if he can't really afford to do so.
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Yuji Shimaru

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Yuji Shimaru Empty Re: Yuji Shimaru

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:58 pm


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