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Deathrock Wharf Details

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Deathrock Wharf Details Empty Deathrock Wharf Details

Post by Admin Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:02 am

Deathrock Wharf Details

Being the seat of the Sloth Monarch, Deathrock Wharf is a highly populated area despite the thick forest that encroaches constantly upon its old structures. It's said that most of the buildings and stonework at the town's center were built by the ancient Eldritch who used to worship a god instead of the void. While the religion might have died out, the reverence given to the wisdom of those who came before has not, so great care is taken to preserve the carefully carved stone arches, statues, and temples. Dotted among them are more modern buildings of wood and plaster, serving as common government buildings, shops, markets, homes, etc.

Deathrock Wharf serves as the port for most of the Outer Realm's trade due to the naturally steep sloping of the rock into the dark oceans beyond, allowing ships to sail close without danger. They're also positioned across the waters from the Obsidian Isles. They offer transportation ships between the mainland and the island for ease of travel, especially given how often the two Monarchs traverse between these cities to converse about official business.

Also, nestled into the mossy rocks and trees on the inland outskirts is the faction headquarters for Rebel Scorpius. The location is advantageous to their goals due to access to potentially both Monarchs, allowing their ambitions to carry a little weight behind them.

General Outer Realm Detail:

  • Shade Enchantment: All of the Outer Realm has been enchanted into dusk and night-time light levels to make it comfortable for the Eldritch races that need darkness to live a normal life.


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