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Sinhaven Details

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Sinhaven Details Empty Sinhaven Details

Post by Admin Mon Jan 18, 2021 5:18 am

Sinhaven Details

Next to Rivengate, Sinhaven is probably the next in line for most modernized society. As with most technology in Vyldermire, it was brought to this dimension by Otherworlders, and while they are like most in their distrust of Otherworlders, Sinhaven embraced the technology to form a city of modern conveniences and comforts for their all-Eldritch community.

The people who live among the gothic-style spires of the stone structures are among the least tolerant of humans. Due to the security Eldritch feel within the walls of Sinhaven, it's also has a thriving economy and endless nightlife filled with various forms of entertainment, so it's always bustling and crowded. It's the City that Never Sleeps of the Outer Realm. It's also a common haunt for the remaining Demon Lords of the Outer Realm, who likely propagate the intolerance with their lofty influence. Humans that risk a visit should expect violence... or worse.

General Outer Realm Detail:

  • Shade Enchantment: All of the Outer Realm has been enchanted into dusk and night-time light levels to make it comfortable for the Eldritch races that need darkness to live a normal life.


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