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Dr Aries Marrow  | Bógiervestabron Empty Dr Aries Marrow | Bógiervestabron

Post by Aries Fri Mar 19, 2021 4:37 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Dr Aries Marrow | Bógiervestabron
Race: Gaiyan
Sub-species: Creature of Olde
Gender / Sexuality: Male | Pansexual
Age: Undertermined
Alighment: Rogue
Faction: N/A


Aries is a unique member of the Leshen species, being one of the few Leshen who decided to integrate with human society. However, his Gaiyan nature has not been influenced by his integration with human society. He is very calm and stoic, a Pacifist.

Leshen has a deep fascination with human behaviour, and will often respond to others with an inquisitive nature. He enjoys intellectual debates and will amuse himself by studying odd features of humanity i.e. jealousy. He tends to show little emotion, and can be a little less responsive to others, he would rather take think things over before dignifying them with a response. However, when he does formulate an answer, it is usually well-structured and supported with circumstantial or anecdotal evidence.

In terms of his ability to form relationships with others, Aries has no romantic qualities. He has never experienced love and only understands it from a logical perspective as the psychological and instinctive desire to find a mate. He is, however, open to friendships, he believes in the benefit of learning from others and has no qualms about company. Although he equally enjoys being alone, something a Leshen is naturally accommodated to.

Additionally, he is enslaved to a vampire/hybrid named Elijah St Cloud, however, he became a slave of his own choice. And as such is considered more of a companion and personal therapist to the hybrid as opposed to a slave.


Bógiervestabron is one of the oldest remaining Gaiyans to currently roam Vyldermire, so old that pinpointing the exact time he was born is almost impossible. However, he can determine that he lived he before the discovery of humanity and the birth of Anthros/Eldritch. The Leshen had originally lost his home many millenniums ago, a result of a war waging between human tribes. The Leshen buried under burning rubble, expecting to die when the rain poured down on him. For a long time he resented humans, and as his anger toward the invasive race grew, against the will of his fellow Gaiyans he eventually partook in the slaughter of humans to avenge the loss of his home. However, when the fighting stopped and the humans that tribes settled their differences, he found himself lost and unsure of what to do. The Gaiyans forgave his transgressions but he felt this was not enough. He was curious about what he felt when he had killed those humans and so left the forest to learn more about these emotions.

Eventually, Bógiervestabron stumbled upon a village, at first they were scared of him, but a child approached him curiously. Seeing how the Leshen did not attempt to hurt the child, the Village chief, attempted to communicate with him. Although at this point he was not familiar with their language, they were able to communicate with each other. It was from then on he stayed and proceeded to learn about the humans who eventually gave him the name Aries Marrow, finding it easier to pronounce than his birth name. Growing with them, occasionally he would return to the forest for a few years, but he would always return to receive a warm welcome.

Eventually, he would undergo a great travesty, and in his most sorrowful state, he was saved by Elijah. Who refused to kill him at his request, as such he imployed the being to enslave him and punish him for his existence. And thus the two underwent into a magical contract. Together for many centuries, Aries was able to use his time with Elijah to learn more about species other than Gaiyan, he even enrolled in human studies under a guise and has many qualifications. Together to various worlds in search of Eli's children and with each world they have gained more knowledge. His most prominent achievement being his doctorate in psychology.

Leshen Species Info:

► Learning.
► Observing the behaviours of others.
► Preserving the earth.

► Human Savagery and disregard for the planet.
► Modern Weapons : The kind manufactured in Rivengate by Otherworlders.
► Elements of technology that Pollute the enviroment.


To serve and provide help to his master as penance for his crimes against the earth.

Key Fear/Adversary:

He fears falling from grace and becoming an Eldritch however he puts himself at risk to it because he believes if it happened it would be the will of nature. He also fears a repeat of the decisions he made a younger Leshen which resulted in the needless slaughter of humans that he did not understand at the time.


Height: As a Leshen he stands at 8 ft in height but in human form he shortens himself to 5ft 6
Body Type: Lanky, broad shoulders, lean build
Hair: As a human - blonde, Leshen - none
Eyes: Leshen - Red, Human - Blue
Skin Tone: Leshen - N/A , Human - light and creamy

Overall Appearance:

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Dr Aries Marrow  | Bógiervestabron Empty Re: Dr Aries Marrow | Bógiervestabron

Post by Iris Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:58 pm


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