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Apokolips Now! A BRAND NEW DC RP

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Apokolips Now! A BRAND NEW DC RP Empty Apokolips Now! A BRAND NEW DC RP

Post by Helena Kyle Fri Mar 19, 2021 4:30 pm


apokolips now!
war, pestilence, plague & famine.

no one is a stranger to the biblical four horsemen of the apocalypse but when four dangerous monsters ride ahead to destroy a world for darkseid the justice league come face to face with the most dangerous adversary they've faced and in doing so they fell. trapped in a pocket universe the worlds greatest heroes could do nothing as the world they knew and vowed to defend met with danger and faced destruction without them there to save it. john constantine and zatanna zatara used up a massive amount of energy to tear open their pocket universe and bring them home.

in doing so however they created a tear in reality that had two universes collide together like two different galaxies and only one survived the merge; earth 2 was destroyed and not everyone from the other dimension survived but those that did were thrown into a world so different from their own forced not only to find a new place in a strange world but now to find a way to save it too.

two worlds brought together by a dangerous event momentarily sealing the threat they faced on the opposite side of the break between two realities they all know the reprieve they face won't last long and it's only a matter of time before this world - like theirs - is destroyed too.

the justice league must track down these heroes and find information on these villains before more damage befalls their already broken world.

who rises, who falls, who lives? you decide.

join now!
Helena Kyle

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