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Newdale Details

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Newdale Details Empty Newdale Details

Post by Admin Mon Jan 18, 2021 4:35 am

Newdale Details

Though it is on the border of the Common Lands in the Outer Realm, Newdale presents itself as a progressive society that has risen above the conflicts and prejudices that exist between humans and Eldritch. It's a quaint town filled with both races living in harmony, striving to be a shining beacon of what should be to the rest of Vyldermire.

Or that's what they want you to think.

Not all things in town are what they seem. Public violence might be nonexistent and everyone might wear a smiling mask while telling residents and visitors alike that "Everything is fine!", but anyone or anything who threatens the reputation of peace and safety will be dealt with...in the shadows. Likewise, undesirable activities and behaviors lurk beneath the perfect facade, giving the otherwise happy place a slightly off vibe at times. Just don't ask too many questions or look too closely at that figure in the shadows, and everything should be just as fine as they insist things are.

General Outer Realm Detail:

  • Shade Enchantment: All of the Outer Realm has been enchanted into dusk and night-time light levels to make it comfortable for the Eldritch races that need darkness to live a normal life.


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