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Logos, The War-torn

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Logos, The War-torn Empty Logos, The War-torn

Post by Logos Sat Mar 13, 2021 6:27 am



Nickname: Logos, The War-torn
Gender/Sexuality: Male/Asexual
Race: Gaiyan
Sub-species:  Creature of Olde
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: None


Despite his appearance, Logos is generally friendly if not tolerant. He’s very patient when it comes to other creatures and is the sort who is willing to lend an ear no matter who you are. By that same vein, he will also impart words of wisdom on those who seek it as he takes enjoyment in other people understanding the world around them -and even themselves- a little more. Though, he must admit, he does feel some weariness towards the eldritch race.

Nevertheless, Logos has a few sides to him. He can be a bit playful, sometimes getting excited over the stories some strangers tell, and even knew experiences (though he tries to hide it). Because of this, he’s developed a habit of teasing and making jokes. These tend to fall flat due to their serious delivery as Logos is yet trying to hone his skill in comedy even after all these years.

On the flip side, he’s kind of a grump. He can always be found grumbling over one thing or another to himself. Though he’s honest and will usually speak his mind, Logos knows that sometimes it’s better to just keep to himself. Yet, sometimes, he’ll make excuses for things he really doesn’t want to do and/or feels uncomfortable with.

It’s quite rare when he feels strongly about anything that isn’t nature though his curiosity is piqued quite easily with a mystery or two. Maybe it’s because of his nature, but he does enjoy learning and discovering new things. Still, this doesn't mean he'd easily intervene in the affairs of others. It would take quite a lot or a conflict of his own belief to get him to act on behalf of others.

Much of Logos's life had transpired as a collection of mysteries. Mysteries which, as time continued its neverending march, all seemed to coalesce into a simple question:


Naturally, Logos had been the curious sort. He would wonder more than he'd wander, some would say; always filling the room with incessant questions as he poked and prodded away. Why magic? How? What was the reason? Was there a reason? Why him? All of his questions, however, were never met with an answer. Maybe had it not been the beginning of a new era of life would he have received the answers he so desperately searched for.

Back then his appearance had been different. He had not looked like the stone golem of the present. No. He was a creature birthed of magic -a creature of earth- who had been free to wander the lands with those of whom were born to the same circumstance.

Logos had traveled to and fro, raveled in the workings of the land, and found harmony in knowing that the world was pure and devoid of peril. It wasn't until the discovery of another species, of humans of those beyond, that he truly began to feel threatened.

The world was changing, Logos knew. The free lands he knew so well were becoming scarcer as humans established themselves further, bringing with them a darkness that had reached even his own. Gaiyans separated from gaiyans, humans separated from humans, and even the appearance of a new species, the Anthros, occurred - all the while the darkness grew in secrecy.

It had been the beginning of strife between the humans and eldritch during which Logos had been captured. He had been standing guard, ordained to protect his home and his people. He was taken, cursed with an armor of pure stone, and eventually forced into a war that he never wished to be part of.

Decades had he spent at the grip of eldritch, that his steadfast mind would begin to deteriorate and the tinge of intense emotion began to bear its claws. Hate. Disappointment. Fear. Had it not been for the anthros intervening, as well some well-to-do eldritch and humans, that maybe he would've been a Fallen - destined to forever serve the eldritch as a weapon and never to return to his brethren. The act had saved him, serving as an example that harmony could yet return to the world.

However, upon returning to his post in what is known as the Hoptus Forest, he found that it had long since been abandoned. Logos remained, still, finding new purpose in protecting the land that once served as his home and attempting to stay away from the triflings between humans and eldritch.

Years passed and the war had come to an end. His body and stone armor, beaten and broken, were all that remained as a reminder of those times. From his post he watched on as the world continue to develop, pandering to the musings and questions of those who would come upon the forest, and welcoming those from other worlds.

To this day Logos still shies away from directly interacting with humanity, preferring to watch from a distance. Yet, he bears no difficulties imparting wisdom upon those who would hear it.


  • Nature
  • Kindness
  • Anthros
  • Sleeping
  • Food
  • Observing


  • Suffering
  • Evil
  • Lying
  • Being uncomfortable


  • Logos has a strong desire to protect nature and the world from suffering at the hands of others. Although interventions happen rarely, you'll find no bigger force to be reckoned with if worse comes to worst.

  • Even though he wouldn't admit to it, Logos misses traveling the world and would like to actually come into contact with civilization. That is if he ever finds it in himself to do so.

  • He would enjoy having the stone armor removed one day even if it is a good means of protection. The thing's a reminder of things past. Also, it's kind of heavy.

Key Fear/Adversary:

  • The world succumbing to strife.

  • His home being destroyed.


Height: 9 ft. / 274.32 cm.
Body Type: Huge. Colossal. A big boy.
Coat: Dark green to brown
Eyes: Round with a yellow glow
Skin Tone: Dark brown; kinda soily

Overall Appearance:

Logos (Full Image):

Originally, Logo’s appearance was similar to that of boar with a dark-green to brown, grass-like coat covering his entire body and dark eyes. However, after being cursed with magic, he now forever sports stone armor that gives him a more threatening appearance. The armor itself is meticulously crafted and detailed. It sports claws as an alternative to hooves, a face-covering similar to a helmet, a chest piece, enhanced tusks, and even an armored tail. There’s scratches and pieces that have been chipped off and even a tusk that was broken in battle. At one point long ago, small seasonal flowers would grow on his body. Now, only small ones bloom and wilt soon after.


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Logos, The War-torn Empty Re: Logos, The War-torn

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat Mar 13, 2021 10:29 am


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Logos, The War-torn Empty Re: Logos, The War-torn

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:16 pm


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Nessa Cordelia Lux

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