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Race Spectrum
HUMANS ██████████████ 28
ELDRITCH ███████████████ 30
GAIYANS █████████ 17
ANTHROS ███████ 14
HYBRID ███ 7
OTHER ████ 8
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Post by Admin Sun Jan 17, 2021 1:27 pm

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Here you can find an alphabetised index of terms relevant to Vyldermire and it's lore.

Anthros [noun]
Anthros are unique race with unknown origins, they appear very much like humans but with animalistic features such as ears and tails. They also have different physical attributes based one which species of Anthros they are.

Church of Fleuve'ir [noun]
The Church of Fleuve'ir is the main religious dominion in Mirinah, practiced mainly by Gaiyans, Anthros and some humans. It's built on the belief that Fleuve'ir is the primary god of Vyldemire, represented by a river through which all has come to exist. It's key value is to go with Fleuve'irs flow, and allow the river of life to guide you through your destined journey.
Common Realm [noun]
The Common Realm is the area in the Mirinah Region that is ruled under the King of Commons.

Eldritch [noun]
A race of supernatural creatures that live in Vyldermire. Originately they formed after the gathering of Gaiyans and Humans who had 'fallen from grace', collecting to form their own race of powerful demons, vampires, werewolves, witches and more.
Eirinai [noun]
Eiranai is the name of the council of Gaiyans that sought to end the Holy War between humans and Eldritch. After intervening and bringing all battles to a holt, they cast a ritual that would bring a cease to fighting by nullifying all magic until certain conditions were met. Desperate not to lose magic, the humans and Eldritches agreed to end the war. Dividing the realm of Mirinah between themselves.

Free Lands [noun]
The Free Lands are the regions of Vyldermire that do not fall under a Monarchy. But instead of overseen by various Gaiyan Councils.
Gaiyan [noun]
The oldest race in Vyldermire, born from the earth. They are extremely spiritual and peaceful creatures, a race consisting of Dryads, Elves, Fae, Creatures of Olde and more.
King of Commons [noun]
The Monarch that rules over the Common Realms, the part of the Miranah Region that governs Humans and Anthros.

Mirean [noun]
Individuals that were born in the Mirinah region are often referred to as Mirean. Mirean is also the most prominent language spoken in Vyldermire, (equates to English).
Mirinah [noun]
Mirinah is the central region of Vyldermire.
Monarch of Sin [noun]

Order of the Eternal [noun]
An Eldritch based religion-focused centrally on the concept of balance and worship of the void. It is built on the notion that in order to receive one must give in equal measure, to balance the Obsidian Scales. Should the scales of one's lives, wants, or needs become unbalanced, than the individual will suffer for it.
Outer Realm [noun]
The Outer Realm are regions ruled by the Eldritch, specifically managed by Monarchs of Sin.

Vyldergold [noun]
Vyldergold is the main currency of Vyldermire, most prominently used in the Mirinah region.
Vyldermire [noun]
The name Vyldermire applies to the name of the realm itself, every land/region and domain here is a part of Vyldermire. And its inhabitants as a collective are known as Mirians.

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