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Post by bnb staff Tue Mar 09, 2021 9:35 pm

burned not buried BNB-Bn

BURNED NOT BURIED is a (newly revamped) supernatural creatures site set in the fictional city of Cloche, Louisiana. We have simple lore that's geared toward making it easy for you to jump in and get to writing, including a limited number of supernatural species (witches, rougarou, celestials & hellions).

We have a ton of in-character leadership roles open, including the witch council and ranked pack members! With our recently refreshed setting and species information, now is the perfect time to join in. We're a small but active and welcoming community with the longevity to allow characters to truly develop over time—with nearly two years under our belt, you can trust we're not going anywhere. We'd love to have you!

supernatural creatures - 18+ jcink premium - no word count

join us on discord

bnb staff

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