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Asker Ashford Empty Asker Ashford

Post by Asker Ashford Sun Mar 07, 2021 9:15 am

Asker Ashford


Alias/Nicknames: None
Race: Human
Sub-species: Mage
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Heterosexual
Age: 19
Alighment: Rogue
Faction: None


Personality: Asker is a soft spoken, naturally introverted young man. Unassuming in his nature it would be difficult to imagine the machinations which make up his true character. Goal oriented, highly driven and lacking empathy Asker can and will do anything to achieve his personal goals, making connections exclusively in the pursuit of that goal. This absolute selfishness is further compounded by his personal tragedy, which has instilled a level of cruelty into his personality which is at best disturbing and at worst outright malicious.

This is not to say Asker is unhinged - in reality he is highly intelligent and deeply cautious, rarely if ever exposing his nature to others. Serial murders or any other extremely destructive trope which goes along with his brand of personality disorder are not on his mind, in fact other living creatures rarely enter Asker's mind at all.

Make no mistake, Asker is a man whose goals and ideals do not matchup with society, and like all outsiders he is highly dangerous.

History Asker was born and raised in Riverforte, raised by a young single mother Asker was often left alone during his youth - his mother working tirelessly and rarely home. When he was nine years old he was playing by a shallow part of the canal system when he stumbled upon the relatively fresh corpse of a dead man who had fell into the canal after a night of sorrowful drinking from a failed relationship. This encounter shaped Asker's obsession with life and death, and for days he returned to low traffic area to observe the rapidly decaying body - its ever changing form and horrific visage having the opposite effect it was meant to.

Fascinated so greatly was Asker that for his birthday that year he begged his mother for a book on medicine, hoping to gain further insight into death. His mother agreed, imagining her son a doctor; a skilled reader and highly intelligent for his age Asker soon amassed a tremendous collection of medical manuals and was especially fond of his books on autopsy and the work of morticians. When Asker reached puberty he began to show an aptitude for magic, an academic pursuit which quickly overwrote his passion for death and his desire to learn about it.

His poor social standing and financial situation meant Asker was unlikely to ever go to a Arcane Academy, but his mother did everything she could to provide adequate reading material to allow Asker the ability to teach himself. Quiet and well mannered, his mother often boasted he was a perfect child - and Asker felt true pride and love for his mother. It was this love which demanded Asker work harder then other children, he needed to be successful to allow his mother the opportunity to rest and relax.

On his fifteenth birthday his earnest passion for Magical knowledge took a dark, life changing turn. His mother had been working late that night, and when Asker woke up she was nowhere to be found. This wasn't entirely unusual, sometimes she slept at a friends house nearer to her workplace to avoid walking the streets at night alone. Yet due to it being Asker's birthday the next day that was not what she had done, for she had a surprise, an expensive tome on magic she had saved months for tucked into her bag she walked those night streets home.

It was there a common thief attempted to mug her, and unwilling to give her son's gift away lost her life to a knife in the dark. Her body was found dumped in the canal - when asked to identify it the guard remarked that he seemed very calm; but his eyes terrified them in their change. Asker had always been 'different' then others, but only his mother kept him from embracing that darkness.

Over was the pursuit of magic which would benefit him in society, and soon his study turned to dark magics - to the things which were taboo and unspoken. Of the power over life and death, of Necromancy. Such experiments required bodies and Asker felt little remorse about gathering such subjects in ghoulish ways. He hired grave robbers, bought corpses from medical offices, and otherwise acquired bodies in ways that wasn't out right murder.

For four years Asker studied, his goal clear and focused - to defeat death, and become a Lich.


  • Reading - Books are Asker's one escape, the more dense and technical the more fascinating he finds them. Tomes on medicine, arcane theory and the laws of the universe most of all.

  • Necromancy Research - Furthering his art and expanding into uncharted territory is a passion which Asker's very personality is based around. His pursuit of his art, and the discoveries he makes are more valuable to him then anything.

  • Water - Asker loves the sound of water, the smell of it, and the feeling of it on his skin. Swimming, boating, anything water related is something he finds calming.


  • Crowds - Asker does not enjoy crowds, the smells, sounds and hustle overwhelming his mind and causing him great fatigue and general discomfort. While he can function within in a crowd, he cannot truly focus.

  • Prying Eyes - A private man, Asker hates those he feels are watching him or encroaching on his privacy.  Nosy or excessively friendly people are sure to draw his ire, any who pursue it will find his tongue sharp and his wrath surprising.

  • Menial Tasks - Asker's mind races at all times, repetitive or otherwise menial tasks cannot keep his focus, resulting in him growing frustrated and his mind racing even faster. This has made working as a low class commoner difficult, due to most jobs even for an educated youth being mostly menial.

Goal/Aspiration: Lichdom - Asker seeks the fabled concept of Necromancy known as Lichdom, the transformation of ones soul into phylactery and the transformation of the flesh into a magical conduit of undeath, allowing eternal life and great magical power. Even the destruction of the original body is not enough to destroy a lich, their soul able to inhabit any corpse and transform it into a powerful undead vessel so long as phylactery remains. It is a mythical feat, and Asker knows of no one who has achieved it. It is this need for unusual knowledge which has forced Asker into the life of a rogue adventurer.

Key Fear/Adversary: In the simplest term Asker fears failure, an inability to achieve lichdom and transcend humanity is a terrifying reality to Asker which he refuses to even consider. He will succeed, at any cost.


Height: 5'6:
Body Type: Slim, wiry.
Hair: Wavy black
Eyes: Gray blue
Skin Tone: Olive

Overall Appearance:
Asker Ashford
Asker Ashford

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Asker Ashford Empty Re: Asker Ashford

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sun Mar 07, 2021 10:40 am


Asker Ashford ROjNQKP
Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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Asker Ashford Empty Re: Asker Ashford

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Thu Jun 17, 2021 11:12 am


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Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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