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Quest Guide

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Quest Guide Empty Quest Guide

Post by Admin Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:46 pm

Quest Guide ZmfOGzV

Quests can be taken by roleplayers in order to gain ranks and other features for their character, to see what can be gained by stats, see our list of gaming systems. Taking quests is optional and you do not need to do them to roleplay here, they simply are required for the gain of currency, EXP and other features. Quests are essentially a roleplaying prompt that you may follow for a thread, where your character has to complete a specific task.

There are five types of quests:

  • Retrieval
    Retrievel Quests are jobs where you are required to retrieve an item for a client.
  • Rescue
    Rescuse Quests are jobs where you are required to rescue either an individual or a group of Vyldermireans from someone/something or a dangerous situation they have found themselves in.
  • Monster Hunting
    Monster Hunting Quests are jobs that required the hunting or capture of a specific monster. You can use the Monster Encyclopedia for your monsters or your can use your own. If you use your own however you will NOT gain the monster-hunting perks.
  • Task
    Task Quests are jobs that require you to complete a task for the client that doesn't fit in the jobs above. This can be anything from fixing something to babysitting and are for more general jobs.
  • Special
    Special Quests, are quests that are directly tied to the Vydermirean lore, they can only be created by staff and can be claimed during Site events.
  • Freeform
    Freeforms are quests that aren't actually quests, these are the threads that don't fit in any of the areas above and are general used for socials.

When taking Quests you can only take a quest equal to your rank i.e. a Novice can only due Novice Rank Quests. However, the exception to this is group quests, in which case you can do the rank above the lowest-ranked member of the party. For example, if two Initiates take a quest, they can do an Adept Rank Quest. However, if the group consists of two Initiates and one Novice, the highest rank quest that they can do is an Apprentice Rank Quest.

Group WC's
When taking Quests with another person, the addition WC for that person is added to the Quest's required total. The WC, however, does not have to completed by the individuals but can be combined to be handled as a group. After the second participant, additional WC is no longer added, meaning the remaining WC can be divided up between the players. The maximum number of people who can take a quest together is six.

Turn In Requirements
When turning in threads as quests, the word count for EACH post must be noted and summarised at the point of each turn in. For example, if you are turning in a thread as multiple quests i.e. 5x Novice Threads, then the WC must be explained as follows: 'WC: 2,500, Turn in as 5x Novice Quests, 500 Wc each. Excess 0'. This is to help speed up the process for approving quests and make checking thread wcs easier on staff. Failure to comply will result in your quest turn in being denied.

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