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Vyldermire Glossary

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Vyldermire Glossary Empty Vyldermire Glossary

Post by Admin Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:20 am

Vyldermire Glossary 0TyHUgc

Here you can find a glossary of all the key links of the forum and what information you can find here;

Welcome Page
A basic summary of the forum and a break down of the races.
Site Rules
The site rules and code of the conduct.
Newbie Guide
A guide designed to help newer members of the forum.
Meet our Staff!
An introduction to the site's staff team.
Site Patches
A catalog of patches made to the site since it's official opening.

Vyldermirean Lore
The History of Vyldermire
An informative explanation of the world's history.
The Monster Encyclopedia
An information catalog of the world's monsters.
Map of Vyldermire
A map of Vyldermire and a break down on the spread of it's population.
Information on the site's current Factions.
Religion in Vyldermire
An information page on the Religions that residents of Vyldermire's keep.
Vyldermire Lexicon
A dictionary explaining various Vyldermire Terminology.
Sub-Species Information
An information page where members can read up about the sub-species from each race.
Technology in Vyldermire
An information page that explains the level of technological advancement of our world.
Miscellaneous Lore
An information catalog of official plants, diseases, drugs, and minor gods to be referenced in plots for added immersion in our world.

Magic / Gaming Systems
Gaming Systems
An explanation and breakdown on the current site systems.
Character Rank
A guide to Character ranks and their benefits.
Magic Rules
The information source for the site's magic rules and mechanics.
Elemental Mastery System
A guide to Elemental Magic and its benefits.
Quest & Magic Tables
The Numerical Reference tables for magic stats.
Equipment Rules
The information source for in game Equipment and it's mechanics.
PVP Rules
Player Vs Player combat rules for the forum.

Registration / Character Application
Character Application Template
Source of Character Application template.
Character App. Submissions Thread
Once its ready for approval you can submit your finished character app here.
Thread Moving
If you need to make edits to your character you can have it unlocked and moved to WIP here.
Face Claim List
Registration for claiming a Face Claim for you character and a catalog of currently used Face Claims.
Guardian Knights of the Realm
A list of the current slots for Guardian Knights.
Common Realm Positions
A list of the current slots for Common Realm Positions.
Outer Realm Positions
A list of the current slots for Outer Realm Postions.
Canon Claim
Need ideas for a character? You can see canon characters and families that need members here.
PVP Declaration
When engaging in site pvp, players can declare which pieces of equipment they will be using here.
Character Log
A log for players to list their characters, and their means of contact.

Magic / Gaming Apps
Statsheet Creation
Before a player can register any magic or items, they must request a Statsheet which can be done here.
Example Statsheet
Here is an example statsheet that players can use as a reference for their character.
Magic Application Thread
Here is where you can apply for a magic for your character.
Magic App. Review Request
Once a magic application has been submit, let staff know here so that they can claim your application.
Equipment Application Thread
Here is where players can register equipment.
Beast Taming System
Here is where players can register Pets than have been tamed via the monster system.
Plot Magic Request Thread
Here is where players can apply to catalog plot abilities in their statsheet.

Quest Guide
A guide to quest taking in the world of Vyldermire.
Quest Tracker board
Here is where players can post their Quest Trackers.
Quest Tracker Guide
A guide explaining Quest Trackers and their use.
Quest Sign Up Thread
Here is where players can sign up for Quests.
Quest Turn In
Here is where players can turn in their completed Quests.
Rank Up Requests
Here is where players can rank up once they've reached the required EXP to do so.

The Marketplace
The Apothecary
Site store where members can buy potions and other magic items.
The Armory
Site Store where members can buy weapons.
The General Store
Site Store where members can buy general goods i.e exp boosters, alt character slots.
Goods Exchange
A trading hub where players can exchange site items with others.
Donation Shop
To advance in game more quickly players can donate to the forum and receive in game goods in exchange.

Hellos & Goodbyes
Here is where players can introduce themselves or let others know if they are going on hiatus.
Plot Requests
Here is where players can request threads with others or look for plot partners.
GFX Board
A board where players can keep their GFX, templates. Players can host shops here.
Here is where players can share their ideas for the site for staff to review.
Monster Submission Thread
Here is where players can submit their ideas for site monsters.

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