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Post by The Arcane Library Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:50 pm


BENEFIT:: +2 Magic Power + 4 Healing

Character Attributes
20% Increase per Skill Point
Strength ► 0
Speed ► 0
Health ► 0

Magic Attributes
10% Increase per Skill Point
Magic Power ► 2
Healing  ► 4
Defense ► 0
Magical Damage ► 0
Special Attributes
Accuracy (Capped at 3) ► 1
Charm (Capped at 5) ► 0
Intelligence (Capped at 5) ► 0

28th Feb 21 - Statsheet Created | +2 Magic Power + 4 Healing
1st Mar 21 - Magic Created

The Arcane Library
The Arcane Library

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Post by The Arcane Library Mon Mar 01, 2021 2:58 am


It comes to you in your dreams, staying apropos to it's moniker. Attracted to those with vast amounts of imagination, the power (represented by a personal love) appears before you in a Wonderland-esque setting. You are asked a few questions - each varying based on the individual questioned, and if they approve? You are then deemed "worthy of the key"; worthy to become "a gateway".

. . . Or at least, that's what she was told.

Much to her naivete, Elloise was taught Witchcraft by a wandering Eldritch that she'd met during one of her trips to Hotpus Forest. With Dream Magic being generally frowned upon by the collective masses, the mischievous Eldritch guised it in the folktale mentioned prior; and she bought it, hook, line and sinker. With this magic being the catalyst to trigger her current ambitions, she believed that if she could manifest her dreams to reality; maybe a world full of piece could be too.

Gateway to Dreamland's modus operandi as aforementioned is in it's namesake. By opening their mind, soul, and heart to "The Host" (the unofficial name for the being that approaches you in your dreams), the user is then capable of manifesting their dreams, materializing it in the physical plane. This is done mostly in the form of illusions - shadow, optical or otherwise,  that come primarily from the user's brain. Once the gateway has been opened, the user can do with their dreams as they please.

As powerful as the GTD(shortened for convenience sake) is, the magic itself has a major, near fatal drawback; the magic is emotionally fueled. What dreams the user can access isn't determined by their will, rather the emotional state they were in when dreaming. If the user is currently happy, they'll be able to pull from their positive dreams...However, should they be negatively influenced, their magic will become unstable; having violent affects on the user and the world around them.

Elemental Mastery:

Arcane Arsenal:

Spell Name: March of The Frogs
Spell Rank: First Tier
Type: Offensive
Style: AoE
MP Cost: 5  MP
Speed: 7 MPS
Range: 7 Metres
Duration: 3 Posts
Description: Emotional Requirement: Happiness
Weakness: Deafness or a lack of hearing.

- Conjured from her pleasant dreamscapes, Elloise is able to summon a parade of band frogs whose musical stylings captivate those around them. Any within the specific range are - for the duration of the spell, pulled in to their marching line. The direction in which the line moves and how freely they can switch directions is dependent on her focus. If she's concentrated, she can move the line wherever she pleases, though if the move is used "on the fly", it will move in a straight line from whatever direction she was facing when they were summoned. The band will disappear into smoke upon reaching the maximum distance away from her.

Spell Name: The Best Medicine
Spell Rank: First Tier
Type: Healing
Style: Burst
MP Cost: 10  MP
Heal: 10 HP
Speed: 5 MPS
Range: 5 Metres
Duration: 3 Posts
Description:  Emotional Requirement: Happiness
Weakness: A terrible sense of humor.

- Sent outward in the form of a green-hued burst of energy, any caught within this blast are sent the thought of something funny (attuned their personal tastes if given OOC permission) to their head; causing them to erupt into laughter. Through the power of laughter all can be healed, and in this case, it was actually true. However, due to her current level of magical proficiency, she can only do as much as healing lighter to slightly medium injuries at best.

Spell Name:  Now You See Me
Spell Rank: First Tier
Type: Defensive
Style: Single Hit
MP Cost: 5  MP
Speed: 10 MPS
Range: 10 Metres
Duration: 3 Posts
Description: Emotional Requirement: Mischievous, Joyful, Happiness.
Weakness: Resistance to Illusions

Elloise is able to reach into Dreamland and project an image of herself onto the battlefield, acting as a decoy to attract the attention of her enemies. This projection has a one time hit usage and will disappear the very second it's attacked. Despite the fact the naked eye couldn't discern the clone from it's original, any combatant with experience in Illusions could easily spot the subtle differences, allowing them to more efficiently prepare for their oncoming attack.

The projection cannot be but a few feet away from Elloise before it disappears outright - as such, it's often used for close quarters combat encounters during battle.

The Arcane Library
The Arcane Library

VylderGold : 492
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