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Equipment Rules

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Equipment Rules Empty Equipment Rules

Post by Admin Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:33 pm

Equipment Rules RQy6ALv

Equipment can be broken down into three types; In Hand, On Body and Items. Essentially players will use Equipment to either protect themselves, fight with or provide themself with some kind of aid in Combat. Equipment cannot be combined into magic but are a separate tool themselves.

Before continuing, please note it is highly recommended that you get your character application done first before creating or designing magic/equipment.

In Hand
In hand means exactly that, weapons can you hold in your hand, during combat. The maximum in hand Equipment a player can wield at once is 2. These can either be the combination of; Two Weapons, A Weapon and a Shield, or Two Shields. In-Hand is the only type of equipment that can possess a magical ability and as such is broken down into two types: Magical and Non-Magical. Magical Weapons can only use Offensive abilities and Shields can only use Defensive abilities. Non-magical Items use neither but instead receive an additional SP depending on their type; +1 Strength for Weapons and +1 Defense for Shields.

On Body
On Body are pieces of equipment that the individual wear, this can ONLY consist of armour and the maximum a player can wear is 5. These five cover the following regions; Head, Body, Legs, Arms and Accessory. On-body armour cannot have special abilities but instead, have a base increase of 5% per piece of equipment to whichever attribute you choose (must be either from character attributes or magic attributes) .

Items are equipment or accessories that a player will use to support themselves in power. These can be potions or enchanted items that help boost a player in some way or can be used to counter effects that have been placed on the player. A player can bring a maximum of five Items into a thread. When entering a thread, a player must declare the items they intend to use beforehand.

Equipment Tiers
Equipment Tiers follow the same ranks as spells; First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Elite and Legendary. When registering a Weapon or Armour, it will have either a Melee Damage and Defense. Magical In hand Equipment also come with their own special ability. Its special ability can be designed very much like a spell and is equivalent to it ranks, using the spell rank values in the Stat Charts. Players do not require magical power to use a piece of Equipments ability as Magical Equipment has its own Magic Power that is used to cast its abilities called MP or EMP. All Equipment abilities follow the same DMG, Healing, DEF, MP Cost, Range, Speed and durations as the spell equal to that Equipments rank. To see the DMG , DEF and MP numbers for Equipment see the Quest & Magic Tables.

Equipment Drawbacks
Equipment can be very beneficial and provide a benefit to the wearer. As such the use of two many causes an in-game drawback for the player. These are as follows;

  • 6 equipment = -1 SP Speed
  • 12 equipment = -2 SP Speed

For an understanding on what these affect, see the Skill Attribute System in the Magic Rules. For players who have 0SP, they will receive the percentage equivalent dedicated from their base character speed. (-1SP = -20%, -2SP = -40%). As they forfeit the right to use magic, those with a warrior subspecies do not suffer a drawback at 6 pieces of Equipment, and only suffer a -1 SP to speed at 12.

Equipment Skill Point
Please note whilst you are able to own as many as your want, there is a limit to how many you can recieve a SP or Boosts from. This is equal to the amount you can bring into a PVP.

In Hand Equipment x2 SP
On Body Equipment x5 Boosts
Items x3 SP or Boosts

Any submissions of equipment with SP after you have reached your maximum will be denied, however you can change the allocation of which items give you SP.

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