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Golden Titans Faction Guide

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Golden Titans Faction Guide Empty Golden Titans Faction Guide

Post by Golden Titans Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:37 pm

Golden Titans Faction Guide ITq5tJF


Golden Titans is a faction that was originally created during the Great Holy War, an assortment of humans and Eldritch who did not believe in the war and wanted to protect both species from one another. At the time, they were considered a terrorist organisation, but after the Treaty of Eiranai was established, they become renowned as War Heros, and as such was granted the task of protecting the peace between races. These days, the Golden Titans are very much a militarised factions of that accept all races, they strive toward protecting the citizens of Vyldermire, eliminating any dangers to society such as monsters or villains, and ensuring that the peace in the Miranah region is maintained at all costs.

""We are all equal, in that we are different."

The Golden Titans headquarters is currently based in Engloria, the Mirinah region's capital. Located in the central Engloria, not too far from the Palace that houses the King of Commons.


Faction Leader
Rowan Michealis

Iris Odindale
Sacha Abram Flavoye
Luchta Dagda
Shane Ardere

Golden Titans
Golden Titans

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