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Post by bathsalts Sat Feb 27, 2021 3:32 pm

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At the turn of the decade, the world as we knew it ended. The dead started to walk. The bitten went insane. As society collapsed, we were faced with two choices. Adapt or become one of them.

Bath Salts is an original zombie apocalypse roleplay designed with players in mind and focused on bringing something new to the table. An episodic format keeps the plot constantly evolving based on in character decisions, new developments and player input. A virus created specifically for the site puts a new spin on an old formula, introducing new varieties and regional variants of the infected, and even a mechanic which allows players to make and take control of an infected host as a full character. Here on the forums, our goal is to encourage epic new imaginings while you join us in this new breed of apocalypse. Come build something wicked with us.

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