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Laurier Watch [JCINK]

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Laurier Watch [JCINK] Empty Laurier Watch [JCINK]

Post by Zlozvyk Sat Feb 27, 2021 5:41 am

Laurier Watch [JCINK] Laurier-Watch-Ad3-Fringe-Film

Since the dawn of humanity, Dark and Light Others have lived among us, indistinguishable
on the surface from ourselves. After battling each other for millennia, the Great Treaty is the only
thing preventing this diverse set of beings from driving themselves to extinction. As many Others
now attempt to live a respectable, ordinary life or dedicate themselves to the preservation of law
and order, the most powerful among them plot and scheme through an uneasy peace.

LAURIER WATCH is an original small-town urban fantasy RP inspired by the
universe created by Sergei Lukyanenko in the World of Watches book series.


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