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Post by Admin Fri Feb 26, 2021 12:02 pm

The Chronicler UOxZ5XX
Second Millenia, Year 162 Summer.

The weeks leading up to the construction of the Newdalian Church of Fleuv'ir have been quite stirring to say the least. In the history of Mirean construction, never has a structure received so much opposition. Following its announcement, a number of protests were set up in Newdale and other towns, where many gathered to declare their fury at its installation. Guardian Knight, Kanna Odindale was even rumoured to be attacked during one particularly heated protest. In addition to this, sources have informed us that unnamed groups even attempted to sabotage the construction process, with several shipments becoming the target of theft.

Whilst some were successful, it is reported that many of these thefts were halted thanks to security hired through the Adventurers Guild association and local shipment vendors. Despite all the efforts to stop the church from being built, it seems that its build was pushed through regardless, making Newdale the first Eldritch territory to house a place of worship for a non-Eldritch faith. However despite its successful build, many have reported that since visiting the church, there seemed to be a strange atmosphere around the build. In the first week, since it was built, many went to visit and pray, however, those have quickly dwindled. With many of its patrons claiming sinister energy to the building. Some have even accused the church of bringing them bad luck following time spent praying there. Could it be that the location is cursed? Perhaps its construction has upset some form of Eldritch entity? Or could this be further attempts to close the church down through unfounded rumours? Either way, one things for sure, The Newdalian Church of Fleuv'ir has been built, and from the looks of things - it's here to stay.

Lyndon Port Arson! A local club was burned down just before the lucrative summer season. Though situated in a back alley, the appropriately named The Alley was a popular destination for young folks to dance and affluent businessmen to meet privately in a relaxed environment.  The fire originated on the second floor, set ablaze by an unknown attacker. The flames rapidly spread throughout the entire building before the local volunteer rescue troupe could arrive. Other than some minor injuries, no one was reported dead. The motives behind the seemingly pointless attack are unknown and so far the authorities have no leads on suspects, so if anyone has any information on this crime, please contact the Golden Titans or the Villanell Port Brigade.


After several complaints about the Anthros discriminating nature of the 'Dirty Nya', a bar in Rivengate. It seems that the owner, Mr Benny Brambilla, has finally been forced to make a change. According to our source, after discussion with a member of the Golden Titans. The bar is undergoing a rebrand, relocating to Avalon Island and accommodating a more species friendly design. Despite the positive nature of this change, there are still a number of bars, cafes and businesses that sell offensive goods to patrons, targeting the Anthro-fetishizing members of society. If however, the Golden Titans, continue to work towards the closure of such establishments, then we can hope that society is moving in the right direction - a more Anthros friendly one at the very least.


A bizarre increase Pot-Bellied Chomper breeding took place off the coast of Mackemm this past spring and caused quite a stir among the locals. It was reported that a few lumberjacks were trapped in trees for days while the newly-hatched and energetic young monsters bounced too far inland, bashing and chomping everything in their way, from trees to people! It's jobs like these where the Adventurer's Guild shines. Worried family members put in an urgent request for an adventurer one and one took care of the problem. Shane Ardere saved the locals and fended off those pesky Chompers. Here's hoping the breeding calms down in the summer heat!

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The Chronicler Empty Re: The Chronicler

Post by Admin Wed Oct 27, 2021 8:31 pm

The Chronicler UOxZ5XX
Second Millenia, Year 162 Spring.
Reports of dispute between the Eldritch leadership and the Common Realm nobility have come to rise lately, as Newdale is confirmed to be the first region of the Outer Realm where a Church of Fleuve'ir is set to be built. Officials are claiming this will build more tolerance amongst human and Eldritch by making humanity feel more accepted in Outer Realm location.

Newdale, a town located on the outskirts of the realm border, closest to the Capital City of Engloria, is a place known for its mixed inhabitants of human and Eldritch alike, with a few Anthros living there too. Which is why it was decided to be the olive branch that would begin the task of allowing humans to practice their faith within the town of Newdale.

However many Eldritch and some humans are against the installation of the new church. Saying that it is a claim to mark Eldritch territory under human rulership as well as a disregard for the Eldritch's own faith; The Order of the Eternal.

According to research conducted by Dr Nikolai Cross, head of Otherworld Research at Rivengate's Institution of Science, the influx of Otherworlders that are predicted to be entering Vyldermire in the year ahead is said to be double the numbers of last years influx. Why this increase is occurring has yet to be determined however when our Reporters visited Cross he stated; "There is obviously something that is drawing the Otherworlders through the portal in Hoptus Forest, we can only assume that the pool of energy that it contains is so strong that it is pulling those in during instances of interdimensional travel. Thus we can assume that there is a reason, that they are being brought here, a purpose. As such, we should welcome these Otherworlders and any useful knowledge that they can provide our world."

Adventurers are reporting an increase in sightings of Wyverns in Hoptus Forest, particular Forest Wyverns. Adventurers are advised to proceed with caution when heading into Hoptus Forest as these creatures are known to be extremely territorial and have a poisonous stinger on that tail that is extremely harmful and on some occasions lethal to those who have been stung by it. So far this year there have been 58 reporting's of deaths by Wyvern attack, however this still remains lower than Slime related killings, which is currently reported at 232.

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