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The Chronicler Submissions

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The Chronicler Submissions Empty The Chronicler Submissions

Post by Admin Fri Feb 26, 2021 12:02 pm

The Chronicler Submissions SELeYGr

There is a lot of lore in Vyldermire, and amongst our member an ever growing story. Our hope for Vyldermire is that all of those stories, will contribute to a the world that our characters reside in. So that our stories influence eachother, creating a fun, tangible plot, that we can continue to enjoy.

As such we have created The Chronicler.

Icly, the Chronicler is Vyldermire's biggest news outlet, telling our characters of the stories that are going on around them. OOCLY it is a tracker of lore, where we will insert changes and plot for our members to know and use.

So, if you would like your story and your plot integrated into our sites lore, you can do so here. Please note it must be note worthy for that of a newspaper and it must be something that can be reported. This isn't a means to get your character famous, or show them off, but rather a way to build their story into the site and allow other members to learn this information icly. Information contributed might even lead to bigger changes in Vyldermire, and might even become tied into site events.

So to submit your lore contribution to The Chronicler, please copy and paste the template below.
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Lore Submission:[/b] Please include a detailed description of the story you are submitting into the lore. Please note, this might be -rewritten in an new article style fashion in order to fit the Chronicler.
[b]Links supporting plot:[/b] Please provide any links validating the plot, this is not neccessary but will help staff put together the article as accurately as possible.
[b]Image:[/b] Yes/No, if yes please provide an image you would like used. This must be good quality and please note this will be recoloured with a sepia filter.

Staff have the right to deny any submissions provided.

Please note if you leave the forum, your story will be reviewed and could be removed or written out through story.


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