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Robaire de Jourdain

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Robaire de Jourdain Empty Robaire de Jourdain

Post by Robaire Thu Feb 25, 2021 3:06 am

Robaire de Jourdain


Alias/Nicknames: Robaire the Ugly
Race: Human | Otherworlder
Sub-species: Warrior
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Asexual, Polyromantic
Age / Birthday: 25 / 13th of August
Alighment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: None


Personality: Soft spoken and generally aloof Robaire does not fill a room with his presence, oft fading into the background of any social gathering. Were it not for his physical appearance and prestigious combat ability it is likely Robaire would be unnoticed in all things, and for the quiet Knight Errant that would be perfectly acceptable. Robaire is a man of quiet contemplation, of tremendous grit and fortitude - a man whose life is dedicated to a single pursuit of the Noblesse Oblige.

Talentless Robaire achieved his life through unending effort above and beyond the norm, and the fruits of his labor have manifested themselves not just in his skills but in his personality. He exudes a quiet, self assured confidence which grates at those who prefer to boast and scream their accomplishments from on high.

Fundamentally Robaire is a man who loves what he does and needs no recognition for it. For some that is maddening, for others it is inspiring, but for most it is simply unnoticed.

History Robaire is an Otherworlder from a world known as a Eglise, a world of limited magic constantly in strife among small factions of noble houses vying for control of a single land mass, where war has raged on for a thousand years, and where social hierarchy is more important then any other factor. Robaire was not born Noble, the son of a prostitute in the slum city of Jourdain Robaire's life was destined to be harsh. Illiterate and ill equipped to raise a child Robaire's mother did little more then give Robaire table scraps as a parent, allowing her son to roam the dangerous streets of Jourdain without supervision. Jourdain had once been a prison city, but it had become so over populated the nobles in charge of the region simply abandoned it, allowing rogues and men of all kinds to take rule. A land of thieves, murderers and gangs Robaire learned early to fight for what he wanted, and fight he did - but rarely did he win. Small and ugly, Robaire was a frequent target of other children; yet each time he fought with all his might.

His tenacity caught the eye of a group of military deserters turned street muscle and they took him under their protection, teaching him to fight with knife and buckler. Robaire had poor motor skills and hand eye coordination, struggling to mimic even simple moves - but his earnest effort and dedication ingratiated  him to the thugs, many of them treating him like a little brother. As was often the case conscripters descended upon the city when Robaire was but thirteen, kidnapping any able bodied man or boy and forcefully conscripting into the local Noble House's struggle against it's neighbors.

Poorly equipped and untrained this rabble was often called the 'The Wheat of Jourdain'; a derogatory term referencing the ease at which their lives were 'harvested' by the enemy. Considered a certain death sentence most fled or fought, even if the promise of coin and freedom from Jourdain was offered as compensation. Foolish and headstrong Robaire volunteered, much to the dismay of his deserter allies.

Older now Robaire had abandoned the knife, replacing it with a cheap iron slab roughly ground into a sword shape and wood from a door turned into a buckler; this equipment made him many times better equipped then his peers. Most had slings or a knife, a rare few had both. To keep some semblance of battlefield order, 'The Wheat of Jourdain' was broken into small groups of ten men, each lead by a fifth or sixth son of a lesser noble. A boy who had no hope of land or title, but whose upbringing brought him some level of intelligence and tactics. Robaire's small squad of rabble was made up mostly of boys between the ages of 13 and 17; battle tested veterans most had survived five battles. Lead by Aubin Guiscard, 7th Son of Knight Mercier Guiscard, a famed swordsman whose family had recently been elevated from peasant to nobility due to his battlefield exploits.

Aubin was but 17, but his leadership and personal skill had allowed his pathetic squad of rabble to survive five encounters with the enemy. What few losses they sustained Robaire was brought in to fulfill. Aubin immediately took note of Robaire, not because of his skills or appearance but due to his equipment - while beyond shoddy it meant he could potentially fight in melee. Aubin immediately took Robaire under his wing, training to boy to protect his back in the battles to come.

Robaire's first battle was a brutal wakeup call to the horrors of war - but while every other ragtag squad of peasants crumbled under the pressure of conflict Aubin's held. Robaire did little, warding off blows from Aubin's blind spot as best he could while the young Knight cut through men like a whirlwind, single handily keeping men from engaging his poorly trained troop in extended melee with his two handed sword and gleaming silver plate.

Seven battles and two years later the campaign ended in victory for Robaire's realm, and while most peasants went back to their farms or Jourdain Aubin requested Robaire become his personal retainer. Robaire agreed without hesitation, and free from conflict Aubin turned to teaching Robaire to read and write, of noblesse oblige and of proper etiquette for a retainer and man-at-arms.

For five years Aubin and Robaire remained together, with Aubin declaring himself a Knight Errant and heading out on adventure with Robaire in tow. From saving peasants from bandits to challenging beasts which were spoken about only in legend the fame of Aubin Guiscard and his lowborn attendant rose with each year. This fame had begun to shame Aubin's elder brothers, ordinary men who had failed to live up to their fathers legacy many whispered Aubin was better to lead his House.

It was this jealousy which took Aubin's life, an assassin in the dark poisoning the glowing sun that was Aubin Guiscard. Enraged and heart broken at tbe loss of a man he had dedicated his life to Robaire took up Aubin's armor and hand and a half sword, learning to wield it alongside his buckler and continuing his journey as a Knight Errant. Many scoffed at a commoner of Jourdain birth, but his exploits in protection of the lower class and his rigorous training in the noble etiquette and the noblesse oblige allowed Robaire to grow his fame.

The Ugly Knight, The Wheat Knight, and many other derogatory names attempted to spoil his fame, but when it became clear the people had rallied around him the Nobility accepted him as well - declaring him a Lesser Noble and offering him a last name. Robaire chose 'de Jourdain', literally 'of Jourdain' - spitting in the face of the Nobles attempt to 'raise' him above his commoner upbringing.  Their anger was unending, and so they plotted as one against him.

Five years of effort ended with a single night, poisoned like his Liege Aubin - as the darkness closed in a new light replaced it, and with it a new world in front of him.


  • Martial Training - Robaire enjoys the practice of swinging his sword, of learning new techniques and tirelessly drilling them into his body so they can be brought to bear in battle.

  • Cool Mornings - Robaire has risen at dawn for the better part of twelve years, and the chill wind and soft touch of the sun fill him with a comforting, calming feeling. Any deviation from his routine of going through his sword swings in the morning would make Robaire very cantankerous.

  • Animals - Perhaps the only remaining twinge of the child Robaire once was, his love for animals is overwhelming. The smaller and cuter, the more likely he is to take a break from his actions and fawn over it. It is a part of himself Robaire finds embarrassing, but he will not attempt to hide it.


  • Casual Nobility - Robaire is a true believer in the concept of the Noblesse Oblige, or the inferred responsibility of the Nobility to care and earnestly strive to improve and protect the lives of the lower classes. Any Noble which strays from this ideal is something Robaire despises with a burning hatred that cannot be quelled. As he is trained in etiquette he will rarely out right declare his hatred, but may maneuver himself in such a way as to allow him the opportunity to come at odds with them.

  • Meat - While he is willingly to eat meat, Robaire prefers to avoid it when at all possible - partially because of his love of animals, but more because for most of his life he could not afford it and never developed a taste for it. The only exception is monster meat which he killed himself, which he enjoys.

  • Assassin's - Robaire despises those who choose subterfuge over combat, and especially poisoners or assassins, which took his liege's life and his own in his home world.

Goal/Aspiration: Lost and confused, Robaire seeks a cause which he can dedicate himself to. A House which he can be proud to serve or a liege who demands his sword. Until he finds that he works as an adventurer, protecting others as a Knight Errant.

Key Fear/Adversary: Life without a purpose is a creeping fear which Robaire cannot escape, a feeling of aimless swinging his sword in battle constantly eating away in his subconscious. It is a state of mind and life which he dreads returning too, seeing what men become when left idle and without cause.


Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Skin Tone: Leather-like

Overall Appearance:

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Robaire de Jourdain Empty Re: Robaire de Jourdain

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Thu Feb 25, 2021 7:51 am


Robaire de Jourdain ROjNQKP

As per your app your username will be changed to Robaire to march your character.
Nessa Cordelia Lux
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Robaire de Jourdain Empty Re: Robaire de Jourdain

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Thu Jun 17, 2021 11:14 am


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Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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