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The History of Vyldermire

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The History of Vyldermire Empty The History of Vyldermire

Post by Admin Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:17 am

The History of Vyldermire ImG6vua

The Origins
Vyldermire is a world that has existed for billions of years. While how it came to be is unknown, but what is known is that it is not dissimilar from the planet known as Earth, which resides in a completely different dimensional plane. Vyldermire is a unique world with a restorative ecosystem, made up of a magical network that ensures its balance. With every change and evolution, the planet continues to adapt, and with it, its plentiful wildlife. Thanks to the humans and Otherworlders, the realm has grown more advanced over time, and yet magic remains its most powerful asset and is highly relied on for most things. As such, those in this world find that magic is easily obtainable, and with the exception of the Magicless, it can be sourced from within this world itself or pulled from other realms entirely.

The Birth of Darkness
Whilst there are all sorts of races, species, and forms of wildlife that currently reside in Vyldermire, it wasn't always this way. Originally, there were no sentient creatures in this world, only animals, monsters, and beasts that roamed its land. For billions of years, it was a realm of peace, where its creatures lived out their natural cycle and the planet remained untampered with. Then the planet spontaneously birthed a new creature; Gaiyans. These magical beings were capable of sentient thinking and they took all sorts of forms previously unknown to the world of Vyldermire. The purpose of Gaiyans was to protect the realm from what was to come, and peace continued until, eventually, the Gaiyans found yet another new creature inhabiting their home; Humans.

When exactly Humans began inhabiting Vyldermire is unknown to the Gaiyans. One day they happened across the small tribe, who had already settled quite comfortably into living in the lands. Uncertain as to why they came to this world and simply assuming that a higher power permitted them entry, the Gaiyans sought to teach the humans about the world of Vyldermire. They taught them how to handle the resident monsters that tried to hunt them, as well as how to control the magics that this world had to offer. Whilst some humans were willing to learn, the Gaiyans quickly became aware of the vast difference between their kind and humanity. Humanity, unlike Gaiyans, had little regard for nature or the preservation of the world. They sought only to survive as best and as comfortably as they could, putting values in things the Gaiyans did not. Some Gaiyans became influenced by the humans and began to evolve into darker beings, who would later be known as Eldritch. Afraid that their kind would continue to influenced by humanity and continue to fall from grace, the Gaiyans left the humans to their own devices, and as such lived separately from the newest species of Vyldermire. It was safer to live distantly to the humans so that their emotions could no longer taint them. Possibly worse than the temptation of intense emotions, humans would also bring to Vyldermire something else; a troublesome darkness that would slowly infect the land and its creatures in the most terrible way-

They had brought Sin.

Over the Millenia
As time went on, the humans continued to spread across Vyldermire, settling across the different plains and making them their own. The Gaiyans would watch from a distance as humans would mould their world and make it their own. They did not interfere, however, sure that this was part of some greater plan. The Fallen Gaiyans were ostracized from their kind, forced to live separately from the Gaiyan tribes. Meanwhile, as humans explored magic, some of them discovered the tantalizing pleasure of the power it brought and. with it, sought more. Through experimentation and practice, they would discover the means to do harness more, but in doing so they committed unspeakable acts of darkness and gave up their humanity. These humans would also be cast out from their kind and as such would join up with the Fallen Gaiyans to form a new race known as the Eldritch.

Millenniums would pass by, all the while the Eldritch lurked in the shadows. They built up their powers, expanded their race, and grew stronger. Meanwhile, the humans continued to rule over the lands, blissfully ignoring what lay ahead of them. It was during this time of quiet that the Anthros were discovered. Their birth was, again, unable to be pinpointed, but with each race came a different reaction to this new arrival. The Gaiyans welcomed the Anthros race, discovering that they were more like themselves in nature and were less likely to influence their kind with darkness. Humans and Eldritch, however, were not so accepting of this race. The Eldritch would treat the Anthros very much as they treated humans; as prey. Meanwhile, humans would declare that the Anthros, who looked very much like humans albeit with animalistic features, as a lower species. The humans went about capturing the Anthros and enslaved them for thousands of years. It was only when the Gaiyans stepped in and forced the humans to free them that the Anthros race was freed from human oppression. They were placed under the protection of the Gaiyans until they grew strong enough to protect themselves.

The Great Holy War
As the Eldritch continued to grow, so would their impact on humanity. Whether it was food, fun, or vengeance against the humans' treatment of their kind, the Eldritch would hunt the humans. This created terror amongst the humans that they would not let it stand. Over a millennium, humans would fight back for their survival, developing their means of killing the Eldritch through magic, technology, and any means they could. The humans would unite under the leadership of the Church of Fleuve'ir and their clergymen led the fight against demons and the Eldritch kind. The Eldritch, who rallied under the Order of the Eternal, would meet this retaliation with full force. And so a terrible war would span over several centuries, filled with terror, pain, and bloodshed. Finally, the Gaiyans came forward to intervene, deciding that they could no longer sit by whilst the humans and the Eldritches killed each other and brought untold pain to their world.

Eiranai, the council of Gaiyans that officially ended the war, would directly intervene during the Battle of Otenshire, a terrible battle that had killed thousands on each side. The Gaiyans used their spiritual power to bring all fighting to a halt. They cast a ritual that brought an abrupt end to the war by nullifying all magic until certain conditions were met. The Eiranai council made a declaration that magic would not be restored to the world unless the races agreed to permanently end the war. The rulers of each race had no choice but to come together to deliberate, and after several months of discussion and negotiation, a treaty was signed. Desperate not to lose magic, the humans and Eldritches agreed to end the war and thus divided the realm of Mirinah between themselves. And so began the Era of Restoration, and since then, two hundred and fifty years have passed.

The Current State of Vyldermire
At present, Vyldermire resides in a time of peace. The treaty has continued to be upheld for the most part. However, there are still some who plan and fight in the shadows, away from Gaiyan eyes. Still, the majority of each race's populations have moved into a much more progressive way of life, learning to accept and accommodate one another. That can at least be said for the Mirinah region, but who knows...

Vyldermire is a vast world after all...

Click here to read about the Three Realms & Mirinah Rulership.

Vyldermire's Seasons and Year
Vyldermire years, unlike other worlds, are significantly longer than others. From Otherworlder intelligence they did not adopt the calendar system of months. However instead a year is broken into the four season; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season is equal to six Otherworlder months, making an entire year in the Vyldermire Realm equal to two Otherworlder years.

Vyldermire has existed for many millenniums, so another aspect they adopted from Otherworld influence was the decision to record their events by giving their years a numerical catalog. Since the start of this, Vyldermire's date is broken down into two parts, its Millennia since the count began and its current year. During the first 1000 years since the count, Vyldermire was in what was known as First Millennia.

As present 1162 years have passed since the count began, as such the date is described as follows:

Second Millennia, Year 162

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