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Discussing a VIP(Very Important Position) [Solo]

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Discussing a VIP(Very Important Position) [Solo] Empty Discussing a VIP(Very Important Position) [Solo]

Post by Victoria Draconis Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:06 am

Victoria Draconis
WC : 1004 | ThreadWC : 1004 | @N/A

As the caravans pulled to a halt Tori would release a breath in relief, they had been traveling for far too long and yet, she knew there was still days left to go. Stepping out of her family cart she would glance towards the various other carts, and horses and guards. There were four carts in total, including her own, as well as 6 spare horses. Though she was the only Draconis present, she was accompanied by the House Steward, and a couple other officials as well as their guards. Three carts held the Draconis envoy and its guards, the fourth and two of the spare horses held supplies. In all, as far as Tori was concerned it was too much to deal with.

“Lady Draconis, you should remain in your cart. We will…” One of her guard started to say just as Tori was preparing to step out and stretch her legs.

“Thank you Kris.. Captain Kristopher, but I need to stretch my legs. Besides, we are passing through the Dionalor Plains, you cant expect me to pass up the chance to see what creatures I can find.” The hybrid-draconyte would speak up, interrupting her personal guard. It was still strange for her, how much their interactions had change

Kristopher was a young captain in her families forces, he was a Lapin-Anthros, though if it was not for his ears and eyes it would be hard to tell. He was large for his species, and surprisingly strong, one of the few Lapin Warriors for sure, and certainly one of the best fighters Victoria knew. She had trained the man herself when she was commander, and given him his position quite some time ago. For years they had been friends. Yet, honor dictated that he treat her with nothing but respect as a lady of the house Draconis now that she was the true heir. It was more than annoying. The truth was, he aged much faster than the Dragon Blooded youth. Despite the fact that she was twice his age in years, and they had met when he was but a lad the past decade and a half had changed them in entirely different ways. While Victoria had held onto the mentality of youth, Kris was already aging into his prime.

"Tori, please don't be mean to the man. He is just following orders." Ashley would speak up. The three of them would be alone in the cart, as it was reserved for her, her handmaiden, and her guard. Tori would give her friend a small smile. She was dressed well, in a dress of fine make. Her brown hair was tied back, and she was working on some kind of weaving. Tori could just see the tips of her ears poking from her hair. Ashley had been a good friend, and loyal handmaiden for almost half a decade now. Having been accepted by her father whom had granted her a place in his stead. He always did have a kind heart for hybrids, and a elf-human hybrid in his eyes was no different than the plethora of Anthro whom were hated on a daily.

"Oh, its fine Kris can take it, I have beaten him more than enough times in the past." The hybrid noble would say jokingly, referring to their time together in the Draconis Anthros Forces. "I wont be gone long, hold down the fort?" Tori would ask her friend with a smile, getting a nod in return. Kris, or Captain Kristopher as was proper to call him now would remain silent, deciding not to protest. Instead he would give Ashley a half smile, and step out with Victoria as she would step from her cart.

Tori would notice that the guards had pulled the caravan into a half circle, and whom were on horseback were setting up camp, with the house steward, a man by the name of Aaron DeCrotie was barking orders. He had been House Steward now for many years, and had pretty much seen Victoria grow up in the last half of her life.  He was an aging man, and one of the few humans with true positions of power in their household. He would look towards her with a frown. “Lady…”

“Please, enough with the ‘ladies’.” She would say to the man. Even when she was not the heir the house steward had been a imperious man, always calling her by her old title of Honorary-Lady.  He had always held to the rule of law, and had been one of the biggest voices against her decision to become commander, though her father had placated him at the time with a reminder that the Draconis line was one of power. “I will not be going far, and if you must you can send a guard with me.” She would say calmly, her voice left no room for argument.

“Your father…”

“My father can scold me when we return if he must. Until then, you will follow my orders.” She would say simply, her voice rising to anger. “Captain Kristopher, let us be off” She knew Aaron would not let her indignation pass, and that once she was back home every bit of what had transpired would be reported to her father, which would probably result in her scolding, but for now she did not care, and needed the time away. Although her father had not been happy with her actions in Hoptus Forest some time ago, he did agree the fact that she was a noble and a lady should not stop her from carrying a weapon, if anything it meant she should have never relented her bow, as such she was happy to be able to throw its familiar weight over her shoulders as she took off.

Kris, the poor man bound by honor as he was would only shake his head and follow the stubborn noble, honestly glad that her change in position had not changed her as much as he worried it might.
Victoria Draconis
Victoria Draconis

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Discussing a VIP(Very Important Position) [Solo] Empty Re: Discussing a VIP(Very Important Position) [Solo]

Post by Victoria Draconis Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:36 am

Victoria Draconis
WC : 536 | ThreadWC : 1540 | @N/A

As she walked the hybrid-draconyte would keep her eyes forward, her tail would flip back and forth in irritation, she hated having to be forceful with anyone in her charge, especially when she had to use her title, or her position. Even when she was Commander, her men followed her orders because she could back them with a sword. She could hear Kris behind her, though for the meantime she decided to allow the silence to laps between the two.

After about an hour of walking without encounter, or sign of any interesting creatures would her guard finally speak up. “My Lady, what is it we are doing out here? If we go too much farther, we will be out of reach of camp…” Although his voice was calm, when he spoke it was with hesitation and uncertainty, as if he was unsure on how to address her, and worried of how she would react.  

Tori would flick her eyes back irritably, and debate not answering. Instead, she would sigh and turn around, prodding his eyes with her own. “You never used to question me before… Kris.” she would say taking a step towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Do you really see me as so different? Can you not see I am the same woman as before.” Her voice would be unsure, almost pleading. Something he would not be used to. She would notice as blush touched his ears. Their relationship had always been non-standard. He was young when he first joined the Draconis Athros Forces, hoping to achieve great change for their shared race. In fact, in the beginning he had been entirely hopeless, and some of the larger Athro had given him a hard time. Tori was one of the few who saw the truth in his conviction, and when she had caught him training in the middle of the night, she knew he would go far.

“It's… Your… I…” He would stammer, uncertainly. “It's different.” he finished with defeat, unable to look at her any more. Instead he would look at the ground, his hand resting on his blade. Tori would move her hand to his chest, moving her fingers in circles against his tight muscles. Though they had been close in the past, once, it had never gotten between them or their friendship. Not in the same way her title seemed to.. For the briefest of moments she would consider attempting to push things further, and rekindling any old romance they might have.

Instead she would move her hand and turn away, knowing it wouldn't be right. If he was to accept, or turn down her advance… either way it would be because of her title, not because of her… She wished for nothing more than to lay with someone again who would not care for her title, or better yet who knew nothing about it, and she knew this would not be it.

“It doesn't matter... We are looking for any interesting creatures. If we get lucky, we might be able to find something interested in becoming friends.” Tori would turn around, but even she could hear his sign of relief, which hurt more than she could ever admit.
Victoria Draconis
Victoria Draconis

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