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Nymeria Lazar Empty Nymeria Lazar

Post by Nymeria Lazar Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:10 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Nymeria
Race: Gaiyan
Sub-species: Hybrid (Angel and Human)
Gender / Sexuality: Female, Heterosexual
Age / Birthday:  23 / June 10th
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: None


Personality: Nymeria, not unlike her late father, is governed by a strong and unwavering sense of justice. What separates them are their methods. Regardless of how she chooses to deliver her own brand of retribution, however, there can be no doubt that this is her single defining trait— her almost obsessive desire to punish those who inflict cruelty upon others. In turn, she can seem cold and even cruel herself. But it is often her belief that - in these instances at least - the ends justify the means. She doesn't claim to be without fault, or that she is the be all, end all of the law. But she has no interest in apologizing for the way in which she chooses to conduct herself, or the way she conducts her business. She is no pushover, and she makes absolutely certain that everyone knows it. She is staunch and unwavering in the face of great adversity, and is able to maintain her composure, even under immense pressure or criticism.  In part, she knows to credit that particular skill to her mother, who so often preached the idea that inner strength and mental fortitude are superior even to physical strength. Her extensive training in combat and weaponry, coupled with her lessons in diplomacy, guile and verbal manipulation, make her a sort of jack of all trades and an incredibly versatile warrior. But where soldiers are expected to adhere to a very specific protocol, Nymeria has no hard and fast rules to abide by. As a glorified bounty hunter, and as someone who is accustomed to getting what she wants with a single word, she does as she pleases with an air of aristocratic arrogance. Even just by the way she carries herself, it's evident she comes from affluence and privilege, and she is not ashamed of it. In fact she'll even occasionally go so far as to flaunt it, without even being aware that she's doing it. Not without her own flaws, she has a taste for liquor and can get a little carried away when she's had one too many. She can come across as vain and difficult, and though she's blessed with certain charisma, it can be challenging to stomach her egotism, even on a good day. When all is said and done, even if she is a trained warrior and raised to behave as one might expect a woman of noble birth to, she's still an immature young girl that was forced to grow up too quickly. And it shows.

History It isn't so much a closely-guarded secret as it is simply a victim of time and simple oversight, but Nymeria hails from a long-standing line of Englorian nobility. The youngest daughter of the affluent House Lazar, she spent her childhood running wild through the halls of a sprawling estate in Engloria Proper, chasing after her older brothers, who took great delight in humoring her valiant attempts to keep pace with them. This was true in every sense. From academics to swordplay, she strove to match them in prowess and competency. But being so much younger meant she was at a natural disadvantage, and that quickly became a source of frustration for the young heiress. It meant she had to work twice as hard and invest twice as much effort in her training to achieve results they'd attained so effortlessly. If nothing else, however, Nymeria Lazar has always been fiercely determined, and refused to rest until she was finally able to pose some semblance of challenge to her brothers with the blade— until she could stand her ground and match them in skill. But for all of her passion for combat, she also had a responsibility as a woman of the House to spend just as much time dedicated to more domestic, feminine pursuits. This meant sewing, language, etiquette and other similar ventures that struck her as being so much more trivial in comparison. Their importance, her mother would aptly remind her, lay in their potential for shaping her into an ideal marriage candidate in the future. It was her duty to preserve the legacy of their family by coupling with an equally suitable, equally as lucrative match. And though the entire affair seemed so dull and inconvenient to Nymeria herself, she understood that it was perhaps her greatest obligation to the rest of the family.

As members of aristocracy, they were to dedicate themselves entirely to the betterment of The Common Realm, acting under both the monarchy and the Guardian Knights to ensure their small corner of Engloria functioned and served seamlessly and without incident.  Being the head of his House, Nymeria's father, Lord Altair Lazar, shouldered the brunt of that responsibility. As a retired Guardian Knight himself, he took immense pride in his duty to his King, and served faithfully for decades until his death only three years ago. Having sustained a serious injury in a particularly nasty skirmish with a group of Inferior Demonata that left him partially crippled, he finally succumbed to his debilitating condition in his old age.  He was remembered for his unwavering fealty, however, and given a funeral fit to honor that lifelong dedication. Her mother inherited the estate in its entirety, and runs it impeccably alongside her two sons. But Nymeria would not be content sitting idle, set to waste away on the arm of a man who did not deserve her.

It was a decision that almost divided them, but in her heart, she knew it was the right thing to do. Upon renouncing her title and all claims to the Lazar fortune, Nymeria vowed to exact vengeance for her late father. She would use the skills and knowledge at her disposal to hunt down any and all those who acted in direct opposition to the law, and bring them to heel.

A part of her wonders still whether it is the sense of righteousness ingrained in her that drives her. The one so often attributed to Holy Knights and their angelic counterparts. Her father's relentless need to do right was inherited by her. But so too was her mother's fiery spirit and calculated vindictiveness. The desire to deliver justice wars with her thirst for revenge, and she finds herself battling her inner demons on a daily basis. They never win out, in the end. But her actions are certainly not those one expects of an Angel. She still remains the daughter of House Lazar, but she lives by her own rules now, and she refuses to rest until she finds her father's assailants and serves them the retribution they so deserve.

Likes: The freedom to go where she likes and do as she pleases, mild weather, campfires, fine jewelry and clothing, sparring, bringing arrogant men to their knees, fine wine, gambling and drinking games.

Dislikes: Being underestimated and spoken down to, being judged for being a woman, men who don't know how to keep their hands to themselves, losing, feeling unprepared, most Eldritch.

Goal/Aspiration: Bringing criminals to heel and exacting revenge for her late father.

Key Fear/Adversary: The Infernal. In fact, Eldritch-kind in general make her uneasy. This stems from her father's death at the hands of a group of Demonata. And though she's vowed to slay her father's killers and exact vengeance in his honor, she sometimes is filled with uncertainty that she will be strong enough to carry out that promise when the time comes. On a more superficial level, any advanced technology or modern inventions make her uncomfortable. She was raised without such luxuries, and so prefers to avoid them whenever possible. She also fears disfigurement or suffering an injury similar to her father's, which ultimately claimed his life. Weakness as a whole frightens her.


Height: Five feet, six inches.
Body Type: Slim and willowy.
Hair: Silvery blonde and exceptionally long, falling to the small of her back.
Eyes: Crimson.
Skin Tone: Fair, with olive undertones.

Overall Appearance:
Physical Appearance:
Nymeria Lazar
Nymeria Lazar

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Nymeria Lazar Empty Re: Nymeria Lazar

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Feb 22, 2021 10:35 pm


Hi there! @Nymeria Lazar

So before I can approve this there are some issues with your characters history that need addressing first. In game nobility is a position that must be applied for and can only be done after earning the required reputation. The requirements for which are stated in this thread here, also the history that you have in your application also conflicts with the current history we had pre-set for Englorian Nobility, the information for which you can see here. Please amend your application and bump the thread once it is ready for review~
Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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Nymeria Lazar Empty Re: Nymeria Lazar

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat May 22, 2021 3:33 pm


✧ Archived due to player inactivity! ✧
Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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